If you would like your ambassadors to put a lot of effort into creating high really high quality content they should be rewarded accordingly. For such missions we highly recommend reward in cash similarly as you would in a collaboration outside of Brandbassador. In order to ensure you get what you pay for we have developed the image request, so they can show you the photo they are going to post first, and you can approve the photo and the cash reward before they publish it.

So let’s go ahead and see how we do this when creating from scratch

As an action we want Social Media > Instagram > Instagram Post.

Advances Settings:

Under Advanced Settings I want them to Request to do this mission, this will turn the action button for the ambassadors in the app into a Request, which will need approval before they can complete this mission. You can use this request on any mission where you want control of exactly which ambassadors will be doing this mission.

Next you should set a time limit for your ambassadors to complete this mission after the request witht he image is approved. As they would have the photo ready to post we recommend around 5 days here, which makes sure ambassadors have a clear deadline to post and it gives you as an Admin better control of my budget.

You can also enable so users should be able to request again if the submission time expires, in case they were unable to complete the mission within the 5 day limit for whatever reason, they can request again as long as there is budget left.

Then you can tick off so Ambassadors must include an image in their request.
PS: Make sure to emphasise in the mission description that the image they upload in the request needs to be the same as the one they post on Instagram.


With a mission like this we recommend to set the reward them with Cash Per Engagement, and for example for an Instagram Post 'Per Like'.

A recommended reward is around 20 cents per like, which is a good reward, but still below the industry average. This means someone who gets 200 likes on their post would get 40 dollars.

The maximum reward for a mission like this should be higher than normal, to ensure to attract those who have a high engagement on their posts, and it's recommended to also set a minimum reward to reflect the value of the content in itself no matter how many engagements they receive.

We also recommend keeping the toggle on so anyone who is entitled to over the maximum reward of 500 dollars can submit an offer, meaning any ambassador who has more than 2500 likes on average on their last 20 posts will get the option to either request the mission for 500 dollars or submit an offer to Onepiece in which I can approve or counter-offer.


The prefilled description is for an Instagram Post, so you should update the description to inform the ambassadors that they have to upload an quality photo to be approved first

So make sure to add something like add:

1. Take a high quality photo of the best pose you can pull off with our product, then request to do this mission and upload your photo for us to approve.

2. If approved return to this mission and click the button below to complete your post

It's also recommended to emphasise in the terms something like:

Please put some great effort behind this photo, as it needs to be well thought through and high quality - just so have grounds to reject if it is not good enough.

Note that the mandatory keywords inserted earlier is automatically added to the terms and conditions so there is no reason to insert these again. Other terms and conditions are also automatically added like that ‘fake likes and comments will be detected’ and that the maximum reward is capped on double the average likes on the ambassadors previous posts to protect yourselves from paying for fake engagement.

For the ambassador:

The ambassador will then need to upload an image with their request.

You as an Admin will then be able to see their request in the request tile.

If approved the ambassador will be able to submit the mission as normal

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