If you prefer reading here is the script from the video above:

The next mission I will show you is the Freebie mission which is probably the most important one, and it is highly recommended for all brands to have at least one of these live at any time. So I want my ambassadors to post a photo of them using my product on Instagram, but they don’t have the product I want them to show off, so they need to receive the product first.

Therefore I will make a Freebie mission where we deliver the freebie before mission submission

I saved this mission for last because I want it to show on top for all ambassadors, so it’s the first mission new ambassadors will see.

There are some great templates for it, but I’ll make this from scratch so we can go through it together step-by-step.

The action I want them to do is a Social Media Instagram Post

Under the Action type settings I switch on the toggle ‘Deliver a product to ambassador before mission submission’

This is what activates the flow that the ambassador receive the product before they actually complete the mission

A new tick box appeared here where I can choose whether or not this freebie is the only reward for this mission. If unticked I can give ambassadors an additional reward when theri submission is approved, like Cash, Gift Card or even another Freebie. But for this mission the freebie is the only reward so I keep this box ticked.

If we look into the Advanced Settings we can see that the Request to do mission is now turned on. This is because in order for you to give the ambassador the product, they have to request first, and you to approve the request. Let’s move on

As this is an Instagram Post the Brandbassador platform will check the caption of the post when ambassadors submit and you can set keywords they have to include in their captions. So I will put in @Onepiece and #OnepieceSunday, meaning they will not be able to submit the mission without these keywords in the caption of the post. You can put as many keywords as you like and click continue

Next I have to describe the freebie to my ambassadors. In my case I want to give them a Onepiece onesie and I will have them choose any jumpsuit in this link https://www.onepiece.com/jumpsuits

This link will be included in the automatic follow-up messages and emails to ambassadors who participate in this mission

Next I can give them a certain number of days to complete this mission from the time I approve their request. This means I need to give them some time to order their jumpsuit, for us to ship it and for them to take this photo. So I will give them 20 days just in case.

The Freebie amount is equivalent to the mission Budget, meaning the total amount of free products you want to give out through this mission. As with the normal budget you can edit this later on. For this mission I want to give out 100 onesies

The most automated and efficient way to give these freebies out is by giving away 100% discount codes to ambassadors so they can order the colour or size they want themselves, and we will automatically track whether they have used this code or not. This will save you a lot of time on logistics and follow-up. If you want these codes automatically populated into the requests to make it even easier for yourselves you can upload codes here by turning on ‘Automatically populate freebie code for admin’. Though not mandatory this is a very helpful feature.

First, in your own webshop, create unique 100% discount codes that can be used once for the product you are giving out. Then you Download template and paste your codes into the template. I have already created these codes in the Onepiece webshop for 100% off maximum one onesie from the link I gave above with free shipping. Note these needs to be unique codes.

The shipping code is irrelevant for most e-commerce platforms, so I’ll remove those. Set your expiration day. I set expiry to 30th October 2020

And upload your codes and move on

For this mission I have chosen this photo because it’s fun and shows off a lot of onesies

For my title I’ll set something exciting lik You Deserve a Free Onepiece

In the summary I will use the space to welcome them to the Sunday Club and make them feel cool and special, cause they are!

For the description I will again find inspiration in the help center by searching for Instagram Post Description and copy over the suggested description

As this is a freebie mission remember they need to request to do this mission, so I will add this into the description

  • 1. Request to do this mission, and if approved we will send you a 100% discount code so you can get the Onepiece onesie of your choice.

It is important to describe as thoroughly as possible what the experience for the ambassador will be, and what they have to do.

I’ll add a few things to terms and conditions to ensure I get the right kind of photos

Photo has to be of you wearing your Onepiece onesie

Have to show off the full product

As ambassadors request to do this mission I will start off with having it available to everyone. As I can edit the Audience later if find myself keep rejecting requests from certain ambassadors So I’ll move on.

I’ll double check the Summary and I’m happy with that so I Publish!

Now lets check out how this shows for the ambassador

Here is the freebie mission we just created.

The first step for the ambassador would be to request to do this mission.

For you as an Admin the request would appear like this

I will then approve myself and see one of the 100% discount codes we uploaded is automatically populated in this mission.

The ambassador will then be moved down to awaiting mission submission, and you see I have 20 days left to post. If I do not post I will be reminded automatically, and these messages will appear here. If this goes down to 0 the ambassador app will block and they will only be able to complete this mission - they will not be able to withdraw their cash, gift card or do any other missions.

And in the app I can now complete the mission.

So let’s post a cool image on Instagram, I’ll post that one. The keywords are automatically copied to clipboard, so I can simply paste those. And when I return to the app Brandbassador is checking if I have done it correctly

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