If you prefer reading here is the script from the video above:

The aim of my next mission is to have my ambassadors drive revenue for Onepiece by sharing their personal discount code to their friends.

So I will teach my ambassadors how to do so through a mission, and incentivize them with a 50 dollars gift card bonus for their first sale they make because I know if they manage to generate 1 sale they should be able to create even more, and I want my best revenue generating ambassadors to have as many products as possible so they can promote the Onepiece brand even better.

Note that this reward will be in addition to their commission, as they can generate sales whenever they want regardless of missions.

So let’s start from scratch again.

I want them to do a sales action and make 1 sale.

And the reward was 50 dollars in gift card per completed mission

I will set the budget to this mission to 5000 gift card dollars, which would give me 100 submissions. I can increase this whenever I want.

Then I need to find an exciting image. I think their first sale is a cause for celebration, so I’ll pick this image.

A suitable title would be Make your first sale

Being able to create personal discount codes for my webshop and share this offer is an exclusive privilege only ambassadors get, so I make sure to let them know in the summary. I also use this space to remind them that they get commission on the sales generated.

This is also a great place to communicate any rules or policies you have regarding your use of discount codes or give them inspiration on how to generate sales

So for the description I’ll ask them to

  1. Create your own personal discount code
  2. Share to your friends and fans on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Groups, printed flyers, email threads etc. Remember you earn cash commission on all sales you generate
  3. Once you have made your first sale you will get your gift card reward!

As a terms and condition I would set something like the sale needs to be over 100 dollars to qualify, as we do have cheaper items like caps etc in our webshop

Again, everyone should see this mission, so I’ll double check the summary and publish!

That was an easy one.

And then I want to gamify ambassadors experience with generating revenue for Onepiece even more, and incentivize them to do more sales. So let’s make this into a sales chain, where when they have completed their first sale, they will unlock a new mission where the next 10 sales they generate gives them a 100 dollar cash bonus.

As we just created this sales mission, the next one would be pretty similar so I’ll show you a shortcut. So under mission options you can choose to Copy Mission and you will end up with the exactly the same mission, and we can edit from there

Though this new mission was for 10 sales, so we need to change the Action Details and put in 10.

Then we need to add it to a chain under Advanced Settings. Add to Chain Mission, and choose the first mission in our chain which will be make your first sale.

The reward needs to be changed to 100 dollars and I will keep the budget the same

I need to add a new photo as two identical photos would look very lame. I’ll choose this one because 10 sales is cool, and she’s really cool.

As the description is already done I’ll just update it to 10 sales.

I can’t edit the Audience as this is a chain mission and it will inherit the audience from the previous mission in the chain.

And I’ll double check the summary and publish!

And then let’s see how it looks for the ambassador!

So because this is a sales mission it displays a counter to the sales needed to complete this mission, as well as possibility to create a discount code and tracking link in the mission.

So I’ll try and create the discount code AWESOME

And then I will simulate a sale from this discount code to show you what happens

This mission is now completed, and needs to be approved be over 100 dollars before my the next mission of generating another 10 sales is unlocked

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