If you prefer reading here is the script from the video above:

For my next mission I want my ambassadors to leave a review on TrustPilot to hopefully improve our score, and reward them with Gift Card

I am showing you this mission, not just because it is a great and popular mission, but because there is no defined flow for TrustPilot reviews and to show you to solve creating a mission that has no defined flow

As TrustPilot is an external page, I need ambassadors to upload a screenshot of their review once they have completed it, so I’ll choose Other Actions - Upload Screenshot and move to reward.

I will incentivize ambassadors with Gift Card. On TrustPilot you can’t really have followers, likes or views so unfortunately I can’t reward dynamically, so I will have to give them a flat rate of 5 dollars to complete this mission.

With a 500 dollar budget this gives me 100 reviews.

I think this photo is perfect for this review, kind of relevant with that smiley balloon.

I will give it a title of ‘Leave us a review’

In the summary I will tell them that we love feedback and ask them for an unbiased review

And in the description I describe what they need to do

  1. Go to the Onepiece TrustPilot page
  2. Write a review, and write at least two sentences on your experience with Onepiece
  3. Take a screenshot of your review
  4. Upload the screenshot in this mission to complete

And it is important to use the links to send your ambassador where they need to go to complete this mission

Remember you can always edit the description later on if you see ambassadors tend to get it wrong

Again, I want all ambassadors to do this mission so no need for changes here. I’ll just double check in the summary and publish.

So see how this works for the ambassador!

Here is the mission we just created. Let’s go to the Trustpilot page, write a review and screenshot this review.

That’s it!

And this submission is now immediately available in the mission details page for you to approve or reject, and when approved your ambassador will get a nice notification.

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