If you prefer reading here is the script from the video above:

Alright, let’s spice it up a bit and create a more exciting mission from scratch. I now want my ambassadors to share their Onepiece experience on their Instagram Story, and I would like to reward ambassadors with gift card per view they get on their Instagram Story.

As mentioned previously we first need to do is to give this button an action.

And for this mission we want Social Media and Instagram and ‘Instagram Story’

In the Settings I now have the option of making all submission visible to ambassadors. This is a cool feature where ambassadors can see all of the submissions you have approved from other ambassadors, giving them inspiration and contributing to a great community feel. So I will keep that on and move forward.

To incentivize ambassadors to do this mission we will reward with Gift Card Reward. And as we wanted to reward per view they get on their Insta Story I choose Per Engagement

The first thing I am asked is to insert ‘Amount per 100 views’ and it suggests me 2 to 10 dollars.

This is mission is fairly easy. If it was a harder task like come to our store opening and share your experience I would go up to 10 dollars per 100 views. When deciding the reward in gift card I am thinking in terms of the price of my products, as the reward is store credits to spend in my webshop. A Onepiece onesie is about 150 bucks, so for this mission I want someone who gets 1000 views on their Insta Story to get about one fourth of a jumpsuit. So I’ll put 4. Meaning someone with 1000 views gets around 40 dollars in gift card.

The maximum reward is to hedge yourselves. If someone would get 1m views on their video you wouldn’t want to give out 40 grand in gift card. So I will put 80 dollars in there, meaning anyone who would get 2000 views or above will get half a jumpsuit.

And the minimum reward is there to give a minimum for the ambassadors efforts regardless of how many views they get. I’ll put 2 dollars there.

When this toggle is on anyone who is expected to get over the maximum reward can either complete it straight out for the maximum reward, or they can choose to submit an offer to you. So in this case anyone expected to get over 2000 views will be able to do the mission for 80 dollars, or they can say, actually I need 100 bucks to do this. In which you can approve their offer or counter-offer.

All missions need to have a budget. When the budget runs out the mission goes offline. You can edit the budget at any time and you will be notified when it gets low. I’ll put 2000 in for this mission.

For this mission I have chosen this cool image as this is the vibe I would love to get from my ambassadors stories.

I’ll set my title as ‘Your Sunday Club Story’.

My summary is exciting and relevant to the Sunday Club asking them how they wear their Onepiece every day of the week.

The description I can find in the help center by searching for instagram story description and copy that over to edit a bit and add in ‘of you in your Onepiece’

It has already added in a lot of automatic terms and conditions regarding the action and reward I have chosen. But in addition to this I want to define that they have to be wearing a Onepiece in the photo or video and that it must show off the full product to prevent plat-lays or photos showing only part of the product.

Again I want everyone to do this mission for now note that you can edit the Audience at any time! So I’ll just double check in the summary and publish!

So let’s check out how it works for the ambassador!

This mission now appears and looks great, The Sunday Club is open every day.

So first I need to post on my insta story

That is a good one

I’ll post it and screenshot my story

Then I return to the mission and upload my screenshot. This is required the reward to be put aside for the ambassador

It then tells me to return after 24 hours, to give it time to get some views

If we now refresh this mission we will be able to see my submission under ‘Processing engagement’, and it will appear for approval after 24 hours when the ambassador has completed the second screenshot.

That’s the Instagram Story mission! Good luck with creating yours

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