If you prefer reading here is the script from the video above:

So first I want to create the missions that will always be on the bottom, starting with the least exciting ones, namely getting my ambassadors to follow Onepiece on social media. Luckily these are also the simplest ones, so a great place to start

We’ll start off with using templates. This is a great way to create quick missions and get inspiration for your next mission idea.

The Follow missions you will find under the Follow template

We want to start with having ambassadors follow Onepiece on Twitter, so let’s use this template

I will then be sent to the summary of the mission maker and we can see there is some information missing on ‘Action Details’ so let’s check out what that is

In this mission the action Twitter - Follow is selected, so the action button now says Follow on Twitter

I now need to define what Twitter profile it is I want my ambassadors to follow..! I want them to follow the Onepiece Twitter page, so I paste the URL to the Onepiece Twitter profile here and click Continue.

Now all green and ready to go, and I am happy with the reward being 100 Bonus Points so I could just click publish.

But what I really should really change is the image, so I’ll go straight to the Description section. For this mission I have chosen this image because it is fun, have people in there. They are wearing the Onepiece product, but it is more about the vibe in the image. I believe this image will inspire my ambassadors to Follow Onepiece on Twitter so I’ll go for that.

I will crop my image to make sure it shows off good on the app for the ambassadors.

And then I need to check the text. I think the title is good here and this mission will always be on, so I keep the Publish Date and End Date blank.

Regarding the Summary remember how Onepiece called their community the Sunday Club? So I’ll make sure to edit the text accordingly, that so we have a relevant and engaging text.

The description is completed by the template, and as this mission should be visible to everyone I don’t need to look at the Audience. I’ll just double check the mission in the summary and go ahead and publish this mission!

Let’s go again with another simple one, have them following Onepiece on Instagram. So I’ll use this template

I will show you two extra things here.

As I showed you in the ambassador app I would want to chain this mission so they need to complete the previous mission we just created to unlock this mission to give a gamified experience to the ambassador, and to not clutter my mission listing with follow actions.

To do so we need to go to the Action Settings and look under Advanced Settings

We will go further into the Advanced Settings later on, but there are these two things I want you to notice.

For this mission we have turned Automatic mission approval on. This is because it is a simple mission to follow your brand, and we are only giving away bonus points, so I don’t want to spend time approving these ones. So all submissions will be automatically approved, meaning the ambassador can continue immediately once completed and don’t have to wait for you to approve.

And then in order to put this mission in a chain I simply Add to Chain Mission and select the mission I want them to complete to unlock this mission, being the previous mission we created. I confirm that the audience will be the same as in the previous mission and the chain is now set. If you want to create a longer chain, you create another mission after and chain it to this mission. You can add up to 5 missions in a chain.

I’m happy with the reward again, so let’s go straight to the Description to make sure I have an exciting image. I think this one is very Instagram. I’ll pimp up the text again, maybe put in a link to the Onepiece Instagram to make it easy for my ambassadors

As this is a chain mission the audience will be the same as the previous mission in the chain, so I can’t edit this now. I just double check my summary and publish.

You can now view the chain of missions we just created. So here is the chain we have just created

Then we always recommend to open the app on your phone to check out how it works for the ambassadors, so I’ll open my phone here.

And here is how the mission will show to the ambassadors with the steps they need to complete

If I then click the button I will be redirected to Twitter and this pop-up prompts me to return to this mission

You ambassador will follow you on Twitter and the mission is approved and the next mission in the chain is now unlocked.

So if you want to create these follow missions I recommend you get started with those and create them in such a chain!

Next mission is a bit more exciting, as I’ll show you how to create an Instagram Story mission

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