How do I get access to my account?

When you first log in to your account you will be asked to pay your initial invoices to gain access to the rest of the platform. Here you will be asked to enter in your billing and credit card details and click 'pay now' on the invoices.

What invoices am I paying?

To start building and managing your Ambassador community the initial invoices you are paying are:

Subscription Fee: the fee you pay on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis to use Brandbassador. Your invoicing terms can be found on your contract:

Commission Account: We require you to pre-load money into this account so that you can pay commission to your Ambassadors when they generate sales for you through discount codes/tracking links. The commission you pay to Brandbassador on the sales generated by your Ambassadors is also taken from this account.

Going forward what reoccurring payments can I expect?

Subscription Fee: If you have chosen to pay monthly your card will be charged on the same day each month and you will be able to download your invoices directly from the finance tab.

If you have chosen quarterly/annual payments this payment can be made by either credit card or bank transfer. You will receive a reminder to pay this invoice 14 days in advance of the due date.

If you would like to know which invoice cycle you are on please check your contract or contact a member of our customer support team using the live chat functionality.

Commission Account:

Paying your initial Commission Account invoice means you have now pre-loaded this account with a sum of money e.g. $1000. You are required to do this because your 'always on' community of Ambassadors will generate sales for you in real time (24/7) and it would not be feasible for us a business to cover these charges for the many brands we work with.

This amount therefore acts like a float which ensures your Ambassadors are rewarded straight away for the sales they make which keeps engagement high.

The Commission Guarantee Account is topped up for two reasons:

Mid-month top up:
If your Ambassadors are generating lots of sales and your float goes below 20% mid-month e.g. if the float balance is $1000 and the account balance falls below $200, the account will automatically be topped up by $800 to get the balance back to $1000.

End of month top up:
On the last day of the month your float is also automatically topped up so that it rests at $1000 once more e.g. at the end of July your float was at $701 we would automatically charge your card $299 to bring the float back to rest at $1000 for the 1st of August.

The credit card linked to your account will be automatically charged for both types of top ups. You will be able to download your commission invoices directly from the finance tab.

If you wish to manually top up your Commission Account this can be done by simply clicking the "Top-up Commission Account" button.

Will there be any other charges associated with running my Ambassador community?

Yes. There is a second account called the 'Reward Account' that is used to reward your Ambassadors in cash (this is separate to paying them commission).

What is the Reward Account?
Cash is king and also a highly effective way of rewarding your Ambassadors for promoting your brand and creating awesome content with your products.

Your Reward Account is used when you have selected cash to be the reward your Ambassador receives for completing your mission. As you create missions that use cash to reward your Ambassadors this budget will decrease. This can be accessed in your Finance page in Settings.

How do I top up my Reward Account?
The value shown in green is the total available balance that can be spent in missions. To add more cash, click on the "Top-up Reward Account" button. We highly recommend you top up by a minimum of $500 each month to fund your community and keep them engaged to do great things for your brand.

You can top-up by any amount needed and this will automatically be charged to your card that is linked to your account. You will be able to download your cash reward invoices directly from the finance tab.

💡Once you have topped up in the Finance page, it can take 15 minutes to be reflected in your account to create missions.

Where can I get an overview of all this?

On Brandbassador you have the ability to easily track and manage the earnings and spend your Ambassador community generates for you. We want to ensure you can access all the financial information relating to your account in real time. Please click here to access or follow the below steps to see a breakdown of your finances in the Settings > Finance tab.

For more information on this section of the platform please check out our Finance Section article.

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