Our development team have been hard at work creating new features for the app and fixing any issues you may have experienced. So you can make the most out of Brandbassador we want to share these new features and fixes with you!

1. If a freebie sale is over $0 it will track through the app and platform as a sale. This is so if Ambassadors use a freebie code and purchase other items, they can be credited for the sale.

2. The start date on missions will now be shown in the Mission dashboard tile. It will also show a colour indicator for the mission status.
Green = Live
Orange = Paused
Red = Ended
Grey = Archived

3. For sales missions, when you upload codes for the specific mission - only sales made using those codes will count in the mission.

4. When creating an invite friends mission, the team member link the Ambassadors can create in the mission will also be an Own Ambassador Link. Therefore, their team members will automatically apply for your brand when registering as well as joining a team.

🕷🕷🕷 BUGS FIXED 🕷🕷🕷

  • Ambassadors will receive a notification again if they unlock a mission.
  • Ambassadors can sign in using google again.
  • Social boost Facebook missions are working again.
  • Issue with all Ambassadors being shown as active a few seconds ago in the message centre has been resolved.
  • Issues with Ambassadors always being reward the minimum reward for TikTok engagement missions has been resolved.
  • Ambassadors are able to link their Facebook accounts again.
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