If you are also offering subscription payments through ReCharge and would like your ambassadors to also share discount codes to be used towards these subscriptions you need to send us your ReCharge API token and add a tracking pixel in your ReCharge App.

Note: Tracking links will unfortunately not work to track sales through ReCharge subscriptions, only discount codes will track.

Step 1: Link your Shopify Shop
You first have to link your Shopify shop(s) to Brandbassador. If you haven't done so yet please follow this article to do so first. If you have multiple webshops you complete the flow once for each webshop.

Step 2: Send Brandbassador your ReCharge API Token
To generate your API token go your Shopify Admin go to Apps > ReCharge > Integrations > Api Tokens...

Then click 'Create an API Token', give it a nickname like 'Brandbassador', insert your email as the contact email and under 'Permissions' go to 'Discounts' to set 'Read and Write Access' and click 'Save'

Then copy the 'API Key' and send it in the Live Chat in your Brandbassador Admin, and we will add it as soon as we can. Once added the discount codes your ambassadors create can also be applied to the first order only on subscription orders.

NB! If you can't see "Api Tokens..." simply contact ReCharge to enable your API Token creation page, they will respond quickly! To do so go to 'Help' in the ReCharge app or click here to go to directly to the ReCharge contact form. Under 'What can we help you with?' choose 'API, integrations, & advanced customization', insert your email, your Shopify store URL and under 'Topic' choose 'Custom ReCharge installations'. Give it a subject like: 'Enable API Token for Brandbassador' and a description like: 'Hi! We have integrated with Brandbassador and would like the Brandbassador app to be able to create discount codes in ReCharge, so please enable our API Token creation page so we can complete this integration.' They should respond within 24-48 hours, and you can then complete Step 2.

Step 3: Insert the tracking pixel in your ReCharge checkout page
You also have to insert the tracking pixel in your ReCharge checkout page. This script is slighly different from the script inserted in the Shopify checkout, so copy and paste the script below in your 'ReCharge Settings > Checkout > Thank you page Additional & scripts and trackers':

<script>(function(){var BBV="1.0.1-recharge";var loadScript=function(url,callback){var script=document.createElement("script");script.type="text/javascript";if(script.readyState){script.onreadystatechange=function(){if(script.readyState=="loaded"||script.readyState=="complete"){script.onreadystatechange=null;callback()}}}else{script.onload=function(){callback()}} script.src=url;document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script)};var trackOrder=function(url){if((typeof jQuery==='undefined')||(parseFloat(jQuery.fn.jquery)<1.7)){loadScript('//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js',function(){jQuery191=jQuery.noConflict(!0);jQuery191.get(url)})}else{jQuery.get(url)}};var checkOrder=function(){var linkURL="https://api.brandbassador.com/tracking/pixel.gif?tracking_link=true&ref=__bb-ref__&order_id={{ order_number }}&total={{ total_price }}&key=AUTH_KEY&currency={{ shop.currency }}";var codeURL="https://api.brandbassador.com/tracking/pixel.gif?order_id={{ order_number }}&total={{ total_price }}&code={{ discount_code }}&key=AUTH_KEY&currency={{ shop.currency }}";try{var ref=localStorage.getItem("bb-ref");var code="{{ discount_code }}";if(ref&&ref.length>0){localStorage.removeItem("bb-ref");linkURL=linkURL.replace("__bb-ref__",ref);trackOrder(linkURL)}else if(code&&code.length>0){trackOrder(codeURL)}}catch(e){}};checkOrder()})();</script>

Before you're done you need to replace the two instances of 'AUTH_KEY' in the script with your 'Brand Key'. One way to find this 'Brand Key' is to find the 'key=' within the script you copied into your Shopify checkout.

And you're all done! Now your ambassadors is able to generate subscription revenue for you through discount codes and be automatically given the commission you have set for the sales they generate!

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