🚀🚀🚀  NEW FEATURES  🚀🚀🚀

Our development team have been hard at work creating new features for the app and fixing any issues you may have experienced. So you can make the most out of Brandbassador we want to share these new features and fixes with you!  

1. The filter "do not accept applications without a profile picture" will now only be applicable to Brandbassadors. Your Own Ambassadors will be able to apply regardless. 

2. Ambassadors can now add any missed sales manually in the app. All they need to do is enter their discount code, order ID and value. The sale will then be sent to you to review. If can be found in your Recent Notifications, for you to double check in your web shop if the sale was valid. If approved, the sale will track and the Ambassador will receive their commission. 

3. When Ambassadors click through a Mission or Code Drop Link, it will now show the mission/code drop image and summary in the landing URL page. 

🕷🕷🕷  BUGS FIXED 🕷🕷🕷

  • Cropping image will now save the cropped image again instead of saving the original image. 
  • Issue with profile picture not saving when registering has been resolved. 
  • Issue with Instagram social boost missions not showing in Mission Maker has been resolved. 
  • Automatic submission for IG post missions are now working again.
  • Issue with Instagram preview not working in Ambassador applications has been resolved.
  • Instagram count not added to overall reach in Ambassador application has been resolved.
  • Brands can now “cancel processing submission” in the Main Dashboard again.
  • Brands can now “cancel processing submissions” in the Mission details page again.
  • Issue with Code Drop listing showing that All Ambassadors are not following the brand even when they are has been resolved.
  • Issue with segment URL’s being set to auto-approve not saving has been resolved. 
  • TikTok submission links will no longer have a double @@ in the link - which means brands can click into the TikTok link correctly. 
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