Welcome to the Brandbassador family!

We are super excited to be a part of your journey in building your ambassador community.

Before your first onboarding session it is very important that you watch the quick walk-through videos below to complete your settings, have a good idea of your ambassador persona & community vibe and create your first missions ahead of the session. If you’re not able to do this before your first session, feel free to reschuedule, as this will not be covered in your onboarding sessions.

These are the 3 walk-through stages you need to go through before your first session:

1. Pre-Onboarding - Complete your Settings
Every brand is unique and so is every ambassador program. Therefore Brandbassador is very customiseable, and you need to complete setup of your imagery, tone of voice and revenue settings before anything else!

Module 1 - Ambassador Persona & Community Vibe
Your ambassador community will be your tribe on the ground driving the word-of-mouth of your brand. In order to scale properly it is very helpful for you to start with defining who takes part in your community and how you communicate with them. If you are able to describe your ambassador persona and your community vibe you have come a long way in building a successful brand ambassador community!

Module 2 - Mission Maker 1.0
Missions are the core of Brandbassador and they will provide your ambassadors with a fun and gamified experience. Below we have created a video series that walks through how to create a complete set of missions from start to finish. You will see all the ins and outs of the mission maker to equip you to come up with, and execute your own creative ideas to reach your brand goals!

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