Your ambassador community will be your tribe on the ground, driving the word-of-mouth of your brand. In order to scale properly it is very helpful for you to start with defining who takes part in your community and how you communicate with them.

If you are able to describe your ambassador persona and your community vibe you have come a long way in building a successful brand ambassador community!

In the short video below we'll give you insight into how to get to your ambassador persona and community vibe.


Who is your ambassador?

And we're not talking about your customer demographic. Your customer and your ambassador might be two completely different people. For example, a Onepiece ambassador is defined by someone who wears their onesie in the streets, whilst the average Onepiece customer buys a onesie to wear in the house! So, we're talking about your ambassador here, not your customer.

Finding your ambassador persona will be extremely helpful when creating missions, as you should be creating your missions or communicating to your community with this persona in mind. If this person would not be interested in completing the mission you're about to create, there is no reason to create it. You should design a fun and engaging ambassador programme based around your ambassador persona.

So can you describe he or she? If you close your eyes, what do you see? What age is this person? What are their interests? Where do they go shopping? Disposable income? Eating habits? Are they outgoing or not? Do they go to the gym? If yes, how often? And what do they wear at the gym when there, do they dress for function, comfort, or fashion?

It even helps with narrowing questions like 'If they were to go to Starbucks, what would they order?' or 'If they had to listen to one music artist for the rest of their life, who would that be?'

If you can clearly see the person you have done it correctly. If you give him or her a name that makes things even easier.

For inspiration Onepiece calls their ambassador 'Slacker Sam':
"Slacker Sam is male or female between 25 and 30, is fashion conscious but most of his or her wardrobe might be Weekday and ASOS with a few hard-to-get items from trending labels like Off-White and Supreme. He or she is social but also enjoys their ‘me’ time, have many friends but they also enjoy a quiet night in watching cat videos, they care about their friends, and are considerate about what they share on social media without being too curated. Slacker Sam is bold enough to wear a Onepiece onesie to Starbucks and order a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino to send a statement of zero fucks given"

So every time Onepiece plans to send a message or create a mission they do that with Slacker Sam in mind.


Ok great, now you that you have defined who your ambassador is, let's define your brand community vibe.

Start with thinking about your vision - what is the overall vision of your brand? And what role does your ambassador community play in achieving this vision?

Think of your ambassador community almost as a separate brand. Although not compulsory it helps a lot to name your community, either in the form of a team, group or club.

What's important to think about is what are the reasons why someone would appreciate being an ambassador for your brand? What is it that they get for being a part of your brand community that their friends do not get? What is it with your community that makes them want to brag to their friends about being an ambassador of your brand? Because that's what you want - devoted ambassadors who are proud of being a part of your brand community.

Onepiece calls their ambassador community the 'Sunday Club':
"Sunday is the free-zone, the me-time and the time-out. It’s when you get to watch an entire season of a Netflix series in one sitting without any remorse. This day is about comfort above all else, and comfort is what Onepiece is all about. We want to own Sundays - and turn #OnepieceSunday into an institution, and our community of Sunday lovers are crucial in our quest to do so.

The Onepiece Sunday Club is a community who together, worship the ‘Sunday moments’ from the 2am after-party, to Sunday fun-day, and to Netflix & Chill. Our Sunday Club members get invited to new and exclusive Sunday focused missions every Sunday. They always get to know first, and get first access to exclusive events, news or limited drops. The main goal of the Sunday Club is to build a strong relationship with our best customers post-sale. We want to give our devoted fans a way to get involved, live the Onepiece mantra everyday and help maintain the strong and authentic word-of-mouth presence in today's social media dominant marketing space."

So, Onepiece always refers to their community as 'Sunday Club', their ambassadors as 'Sunday Club Members' and make sure their communication is always relevant to 'Sunday Club'.

Now that you have defined your ambassador persona and community vibe it might be worth having another look at your Welcome Message, and refine this to fit with your ambassador persona and community vibe.

Once you are happy with your Welcome Message it is time to start making your first missions for your community to participate in!

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