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We are super excited to be a part of your journey in building your ambassador community.

To see a return on your investment as quickly as possible it's crucial to complete 4 tasks before your first onboarding session.

  1. Have internal discussions on how you plan to invite your customers, followers and fans to become Ambassadors for your brand ahead of your first onboarding session. It is also important that you watch the videos below to:
  2. Complete your settings
  3. Define your ambassador persona & community vibe
  4. Create 6 engaging missions for your Ambassadors to complete once they join your community


By clicking on the links below learn how to plan your first form of activation, complete your settings, define your ambassador persona & community vibe and create your first missions.

Pre-Onboarding - Where to start with community activation

Learn about the most effective form of activation and see examples

Pre-Onboarding - Complete your Settings
Every brand is unique and so is every ambassador program. Therefore you need to complete the setup of your brand imagery, tone of voice and revenue settings before anything else!

Module 1 - Ambassador Persona & Community Vibe
Your ambassador community will be your tribe on the ground driving the word-of-mouth of your brand. In order to scale properly it is very helpful for you to think about the types of people you would like to join your community and how you communicate with them. If you are able to describe your ambassador persona and your community vibe you have come a long way in building a successful brand ambassador community!

Module 2 - Mission Maker 1.0
Missions are the core of Brandbassador and they will provide your ambassadors with a fun and gamified experience. Below we have created a video series that walks through how to create a complete set of missions from start to finish. You will see all the ins and outs of the mission maker to equip you to come up with, and execute your own creative ideas to reach your brand goals!


After your first onboarding session please go through the walk-through videos below and have a go in your Brandbassador platform on some more advanced mission set-ups and prepare yourselves for activation of your ambassadors to start completing missions!

Module 3 - Mission Maker 2.0
The Mission Maker has endless possibilities. Here we will show you some of the more creative ways to use the mission maker, so you can create exactly the missions and output from your ambassadors that you want. In the end we'lll go through how to put the last touch on your missions before your first ambassadors come in.

Module 4 - Ambassador Activation
Your ambassador programme is nothing without ambassadors, so here we will show you best practices on how to get your ambassadors in and prepare for scale. We will also show you how to customise the experience of your ambassadors based on where they come from, as you might want your customers to complete different actions than your social media followers.


After your second onboarding sessions you should focus on activating your ambassadors whereever you can to grow your ambassador community, and your ambassadors needs to be managed. Before your third onboarding session make sure you go through the modules 5 and 6 below.

Module 5 - Ambassador Management
Once you start getting your ambassadors completing missions and engaging with your Brandbassador platform we will show you the best practices on how to manage your community effectively.

Module 6 - Automation & Bulk Actions
Brandbassador is built for scale. In this module we will show you best practices for scaling and saving time when managing a large community of ambassadors through automation and bulk actions.


Module 7 - Optimise & Grow
In this module we will look at best practices to go through your performance so far and how to optimise your ambassador program. We will show you new revenue generating features like Code Drops and show how to open up your brand for selected Brandbassadors in the Brandbassador app.

Module 8 - Advanced Features
Brandbassador does have a lot of customising and advanced features. In this Module we will walk you through all the advanced features that has not been covered in the onboarding so far.

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