Do you have remaining stock that you are having trouble selling but are reluctant to put a sale on your website? 

Well, Brandbassador has the solution... introducing CODE DROPS! 

Our Code Drop feature allows you to upload 20 codes at a time with a discount ranging anywhere from 60-100%. Ambassadors will have 24 hours to grab a code and buy one of your products. This will create a sense of urgency and result in rapid sales for your brand. 

To create your own Code Drop for your brand, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click into the new Code Drop icon located on your navigation bar.

2. Select Create Code Drop.

 3. Choose your Code Drop image, this can be created from:

  • Image URL
  • Upload from drive
  • Image from social media
  • Last images used on Brandbassador

4. Resize the image so it fits perfectly in the phone preview.

💡 You can resize the image for both the code drop image in the Code Drop listing and once the Ambassador has clicked into the Code Drop.

The image in the main image will appear larger to show off your awesome products! The thumbnail image will give a preview in the Code Drop listing. 

5. Enter the code drop title - we suggest including the discount code percentage and product name for your Ambassadors to easily identify what is on offer. For example:

  • 70% off selected Onepiece jumpsuits
  • Get a Onepiece jumpsuit for half price
  • Who can resist 80% off a Onepiece? Grab a code now!

6.  Enter the number of hours your code drop is live for (max 24 hours). We suggest allowing 24 hours for the code drop to give your Ambassador time to grab a code 😊

7. The next step is to write the mission description, this will explain what the code drop is offering. There is no set length for your code drop but it is important to be clear and concise to ensure Ambassadors can easily read and understand the description which also covers the essentials. You can add hyperlinks in the mission description and include bold and italic fonts. 

If the product is only available in certain web shops, you should include a link to the web shop. This will also give them the option to check out which products are on offer before they grab a code. 

Here is an example of what to include:

"Exclusively for Brandbassadors! We are cleaning out some stock. Get our 70% OFF discount code for selected Onepiece Jumpsuits.

Please review the styles available to make sure we have the style and size you want before you grab the code. Thank you!

* Only 1 product per order
* Code can only be used once.
* If you grab a code, please make sure to use it within the expiry time, if not you will be blocked from all future Code Drops for 30 days."

8. Insert the link for your web site. This will be the link the Ambassadors are taken to so that they may purchase their item. 

💡If the codes are only for certain products we suggest saving the link to only the set products. Creating a specific landing page in your web shop to easily show Ambassadors which products are on offer is also helpful.

9. Would you like your code drop to go live in the future? You can schedule when your code drop should go live by turning on the toggle "Schedule code drop", select the date and press continue.

It is only possible to schedule a code drop which starts at the beginning of the hour. 

10. Now its time to upload your codes! Download the template and enter your codes into the file. Download as a csv. file and then upload into the platform. Then enter the discount code percentage. 

Please note, you can only upload 20 codes that are 14 characters max

11. Choose your audience, you may want to exclude certain countries if you cannot ship to them. 

12. Nearly there! You can now choose to send a notification to Ambassadors about the Code Drop (we suggest always turning this toggle on). You can also choose whether Ambassadors who do not work for your brand are able to see your code drop. 

Please note, only those who already fit into your parameters are able to see your Code Drops. 

13. Your Code Drop is now ready to go! Click publish to start and watch your codes being grabbed. The steps the Ambassador needs to take are minimal to guarantee an easy flow to buy your products. First, they will check out your Code Drop.

Next, they will grab a code > agree to the terms and conditions of the code drop > exchange 200 points for their code > receive their code and purchase their item. 

💡If the Ambassador grabs a code and does not use it in your web shop within the time period you set, they will receive 1 strike and be banned from other code drops for 30 days. 

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