Here at Brandbassador we are always working on improving your collaborations and opportunities. We found the most important thing for Ambassadors is to own a product of their own to test and promote honestly. Therefore, to help you all get a chance to own products from your favourite brands we have developed a new feature... CODE DROPS!

Code drops give you the chance to convert your points into a 50-100% off discount code for some of our brands.

💡You do not need to be an Ambassador for the brand to use their code drops.

Brands will announce their code drops in advance and there will be only 50 chances to grab yourself a discount code. Make sure to turn on your notifications to get reminded when a bran releases a cod drop!

Then you have 24 hours to buy your item. First come, first served so the fastest Ambassador wins!

To grab a code drop, please follow these steps:

1. Click in the code drop button in your navigation bar in the app. 

2. Check out which code drops are currently live. It will show how many codes are left in the green box at the top right corner of the tile and the time remaining to the left. If the codes have all been taken or the time runs out, it will show in red as Ended.

It will show you the percentage and product in the the mission tile. For more information on the item, click into the code drop.

3. Select the code drop you would like to grab

4. The discount code will be between 50%-100% off and will detail which products are on offer in the description based on the brands. Click the green button to generate your own, personal code. 

5. You will need to convert your points into a code, it is 300 points per code so make sure you have enough points! You can check how many points your profile page.

6. Once you have confirmed your conversion of points you will receive your code to purchase your item! There will be maximum 24 hours to make your purchase. You can copy the code and click into the brand website straight from the confirmation tile.

You will still be able to access your code later on in the code drop.

💡The code is valid for 6 hours after the code drop ends. Get there early to ensure you have enough time to make your order. 

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