The description of your mission will depend on the task you are requiring your Ambassadors to complete. However, the basic completion of the mission does have set steps for them to follow. We suggest always including a variation of these steps to help your Ambassadors complete your mission:

  1. Enter text in box above
  2. Click the green button below to receive your reward

The beauty of using Brandbassador to harness your Ambassador community is that there is no mission that cannot be created. Through using Other actions such as "Submit Text" there is an infinite amount of creative missions to give your Ambassadors. 

By choosing the Other Actions > Submit text you have completed the first step in creating your own Text Mission 😊

Now you get to tailor the mission to you specific requirements. Choosing the reward and advanced settings. The reward can be either:

As the mission is not based on social media engagement, the reward can only be  'per completed mission' or the 'ambassador submits offer'.

If you would like a minimum or maximum number of words entered in the text box we suggest including this in your terms and conditions. This is also where you should include any language requirements for the text submission.

Once you have completed your mission description and chosen your audience, your mission is ready to go live! 

When your Ambassador clicks 'submit' you will receive the their text in the Mission Submission as per the below image:

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