Your mission description is where you list the required steps your Ambassador needs to take to complete your mission successfully. For this type of mission they will need to post their blog and return to Brandbassador to submit a link (to the blog) for you to review. Once you approve their submission they will receive the associated reward. 

We highly suggest including the below steps in the description to ensure your Ambassadors know what is required of them at each stage:

  1. Write and publish a blog post featuring our product
  2. Remember to include your discount code and a click-through link to your tracking link
  3. Copy the link to your blog post and return to this mission to paste the link above to submit

For Blog missions with Cash or Gift Card rewards the 'Per Engagment' reward is not available. We suggest rewarding per 1000 followers so you are rewarding your Ambassadors based on the reach their blog has. 

Please note, we do not have an API link to the Ambassadors' blog. Therefore the Ambassador is required to manually enter the amount of followers their blog has which our Customer Support team then verifies. We recommend selecting the 'Ambassador Submits Offer' for Blog missions.

The benefits of including bloggers in your Ambassador marketing strategy are endless. Firstly, it promotes high quality UGC (user generated content) which gives potential customers a more authentic look at your products. 

The ability to add images and descriptive text will provide everything needed to show off your products to a large audience. Secondly, blogs are very beneficial when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation) as they are identified on search engines. Therefore, increasing your rank in search engines for the key words associated with your brand.

To create a 'Blog - Post Something mission' simply go to the Mission Maker and under choose Action select Social Media. Then click on 'Blog' followed by 'Post Something'

Define the logistics of your mission in 'Action Type Settings' such as freebie delivered before. If the Ambassador does not own a product it may be worthwhile giving the product to them before to ensure the authenticity of their blog. 

Once published this is how the Ambassador will see your mission:

When your Ambassador clicks 'submit' you will receive the link to their blog post in the Mission Submission as per the below image:

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