So you've made a mission and enabled the "Ambassador submits offer" or you're thinking about it - either way, that's great!

Let's take a look at how this feature works from start to finish for both yourself as the admin and your ambassador.

1. When this toggle is enabled for a published mission, it enables the ambassador to submit an offer is they are expected to get a higher reward than the maximum reward you have set.

For example, if you create a Per engagement > Per like mission and set the reward as $0.20 per like with a maximum reward of $500. This means any ambassador who has more than 2500 likes on average on their last 20 posts will get the option to either request to do the mission for $500 or they can choose to submit an offer to you.

For the ambassador the process of submitting an offer looks like this.

2. Once the ambassador has submitted an offer, you will receive the request in the mission under the "Requests" tab where you can see the offer the ambassador has submitted.

3. Now you need to evaluate the offer and choose whether you want to approve or reject the offer.

If you choose to approve the offer, this means once the ambassadors completes the missions and you approve their final submission they will be rewarded with the total value of their offer (in this case $100). When you click approve you will then get the option to set an expiry time for the ambassador to complete the mission within in order to earn this reward. We would recommend 10 days to give your ambassadors enough time to complete the mission but also create some urgency to ensure you receive the submission sooner rather than later.

You then have the option to allow the ambassador to submit an offer again if the time to submit expires. We would recommend enabling this as there may be a good reason why the ambassador could not complete the mission in time.

If you think the submitted offer is too high, you can choose to reject it. When rejecting you will then get two options:
A - You can choose reject the offer completely and the ambassador will then be able to complete the mission for the original mission reward you set if they want to

B - You may want to give the ambassador a higher reward to complete the mission but not quite as high as they have submitted. In this case you can choose to give the ambassador a counter offer. When giving a counter offer, you also have the options to set an expiry time and choose whether you want to allow the ambassador to submit another offer if the time to complete the mission expires as above.

4. If you choose approve or give a counter offer, the ambassador will then move down into the "Offer approved" or "Counter offer given" sections so you can keep track of these ambassadors.

The ambassador will then get a notification that their offer has been approved or countered. If they receive a counter offer, they can only choose to approve it and complete the mission for the counter offer or reject and choose to not complete the mission. They will not be able to submit another counter offer, this is to prevent back and forth negotiations.

The ambassador will then complete the mission and you can choose to approve or reject their submission as with a normal mission. The only difference here is that there will be a hammer icon next to the reward so you can easily know which submissions were through a submitted offer.

That's it, now you know everything there is to know about the "Ambassador submits offer" feature! I think that deserves a cookie! 🍪

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