Below is how to improve awaiting submissions from ambassadors I wrote for Proviz. 

There are several tools which you can use that help with the management of product seeding:

1. Use Freebie Codes as your Delivery Method instead of Sending a Message 

- By sending a code, this will trigger up to 3 automated messages if the code is not used in 24, 48 and 72 hours. A similar set of automated messages is triggered when ambassadors' submission is due within 72, 48 and 24 hours. 

- By automating the chase up, this will significantly reduce time for you to work elsewhere on the platform! 

- You mentioned in the past freebie codes are treated as customer purchases. However we have several brands on Shopify and there is a way to make purchases as rewards with free shipping too. Check out the article from our Help Centre to see if this would be possible for you? 

2. Add an extra line in the terms and conditions that "Failure to post your submission could result in being removed from the mission or our brand"

- A lot of brands who have several freebie missions live at one time have a similar condition and will remove ambassadors who are overdue over 7 days from the Awaiting Submission section (using the pencil icon) or temporarily block them up to 7 days with a reason as a first warning or permanently block them. 

3. Reward good ambassadors with freebies again 

- Now that 10 ambassadors have submitted to the Jacket mission, and you have added them to a segment, you could activate this segment again with the next new Freebie. The summary could mention: "we loved your jacket submissions, and we'd love to work with you again!"

 - Segments were built for you to identify and activate a type of ambassador, and you can easily apply a Jacket Owner segment to the audience of your next freebie mission

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