Linking to a mission works similarly to a chain mission, by attaching one mission to another. The only difference with linking a mission, is that ambassadors are not able to see the connected mission until they complete the first. 

For example, you might post two missions; a review mission and an Instagram Post mission, where the post mission is linked to the former. An ambassador will have to submit and be approved for the Review mission in order to even see or apply to the Instagram post mission.

How do I do it? 

To set up a linked mission please follow these steps:

1. Create your first mission which will need to be published.

2. Whilst creating the second mission turn on the "Link to another mission" toggle in "Advanced settings". This will set the mission audience to same as the first mission. 

It is not possible to have a mission within a chain which has Request to Do Mission turned ON. Only the first mission in the chain can use this feature.

3. Choose the correct mission from the drop down options.

4. Click continue and you're finished 🎉. 

Golden Ticket missions

A great way to use the link mission feature is for what we call 'Golden Ticket' missions. A Golden Ticket can be a special mission with a high reward or prize attached, that is hidden behind another live mission. 

The idea is to let your ambassadors know that there is a Golden Ticket somewhere behind one of the brand's missions and the first person (or first three people) to unlock and complete the Golden Ticket get a special reward; $50 gift card, extra $30 cash, or even an invitation to a top secret special mission!

This will drive ambassador engagement with your missions, and increase submission rate until the Golden Ticket has been found 😉

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