The Brandbassador app provides your brand the possibility to collaborate and communicate intimately through the Ambassador's phone. This builds a strong relationship between you and your community and opens up endless opportunities to have the people who love your brand shout it loud and proud!

It is very important to keep the app exciting for your Ambassadors as this will help your engagement rate increase and keep your Ambassadors coming back. One way to help gamify the app and keep it fun is by creating chain missions.

The chain missions feature allows you to link different missions to each other so Ambassadors can unlock new missions as they progress.

This is different from a link mission as it will show all the missions in the chain but they can only be completed once the previous chain mission is approved. 

To set up a chain mission please follow these steps:

1. Create your first mission which will need to be published.

2. Whilst creating the second mission turn on "Add to chain" toggle in "Advanced settings". This will set the mission audience to same as the first mission. 

It is not possible to have a mission within a chain which has Request to Do Mission turned ON. Only the first mission in the chain can use this feature.

3. Choose the first mission from the drop down options.

4. Click continue and your are done 🎉. 

Please note it is only possible to chain five missions together and they cannot be chained to multiple missions at one time. The audience for the chain missions will all be locked and follow the audience you set for the first mission. 

Once the missions are chained and you can easily see the chain mission flow by clicking into any of the missions and click "View Chain" 

💡Please note, if a mission is paused or ended in a chain it will be removed from the chain. 

Your Ambassadors will then be able to go through your chain missions unlocking them as they go!

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