All your Ambassadors are part of your brand family and have different talents, skills and personalities. To harness your community to the fullest, you need to match your Ambassadors to the perfect missions. We want to ensure you get the best Ambassadors for your missions, which is why we developed a feature for your to review Ambassador accounts before they take part. 

This works especially well for high rewards. Say you are looking for a premium quality Instagram Post, and are willing to pay a high cash reward to the right person. Then you would want control of who does this mission. With the request ON Ambassadors needs to request to take part in the mission before completing, and you need to approve or reject them. Therefore, giving you the opportunity to review the Ambassador and approve them to complete your mission. 

If you would like to ask your Ambassadors to request to do the mission, when creating the mission you will need to toggle on "Request to do mission" in "Action Type Settings". 

Once the mission is published, it is not possible to turn this feature ON or OFF so please ensure you have the correct setting for your mission before setting it live.

Once your Ambassador's request to do a mission has been approved, they will be locked into completing the mission until it has ended. To ensure your Ambassador comes back to complete your mission within a time frame, we suggest entering in an expiry time. This expiry time is written in the number of days to complete the mission.

If you would like the Ambassador to be able to request to complete the mission again if their submission time expires, please tick the box below. 

We suggest always ticking ON the option to allow Ambassadors to re-request, in case an unforeseen circumstance causes a delay which prevents them submitting. 

Now you have set your mission live you will receive Mission Requests to complete your mission. These can be found by clicking into the Mission Details page. 

They will also show in the Missions that Require Action table in your Missions dashboard.

If rejected the mission will be removed from the Ambassadors app listing and they cannot apply again. When rejecting a submission you can enter a reason for why you have rejected. We suggest to not be too harsh but also not to promise anything in the future (like promising they will be approved to the next mission). Here is an example of a rejection message:

"Thank you so much for applying for our mission! We have received so many applications for this mission and unfortunately cannot approve everyone. Sadly on this occasion we are not able to approve your request. Please do not feel discouraged to apply for future missions" 

You can save messages as a macro to avoid writing out the same message multiple times. This is done by clicking in the rejection text box "Save as macro".

If approved, they will move into Awaiting Submission where you can check their submission expiry deadline.

💡Please note, it is not possible to edit an expiry date for a mission request. 

For your Ambassador the request process will appear in three steps:

1. They must request to do the mission.
2. They will wait whilst their request is pending your review.
3. Once approved they can begin completing your mission.

We do strongly advise you do not leave your Ambassadors pending mission requests for over 3 working days to avoid Ambassadors engagement dropping. 

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