What are Macros? 

The message centre is a great way to connect with your Ambassadors. Whilst each Ambassador is different, there will be some questions that will be asked very frequently. 

To ensure that each Ambassador is responded to as quickly as possible, we have created the macro feature in the Message Centre. A macro is a saved message that you can send to Ambassadors. 

Click here to read more about sending a message to your Ambassadors

Macros in the Message Centre 

Creating a Macro

To create a macro please follow these steps:

1. Go to the message centre. 

2. Open a message from one of your Ambassadors.

3. Create the message that you would like to save as a macro.

💡Remember to keep the message generic enough to be sent to multiple Ambassadors!

4. Click the "Save as macro" button. 

5. Create a name for your new macro.

6. Save your new macro by clicking the "Save" button.

Using a Macro: 

1.  When in the message centre, open up a message from an Ambassador.

2. Click the "Select macro" button.

3. Select the macro you would like to send.

4. Send your message!

To learn more about the message centre, click here.

Rejection Macros

You can also save rejection messages as macros that can be sent to Ambassadors who request to do a mission, or have completed a mission incorrectly. 

To learn more about rejection macros, please click here!

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