How you converse with your Ambassador is important for setting the tone of your relationship from the beginning. It will provide a secure line of communication where your Ambassadors can ask about advice on collaborations, suggest new mission ideas and learn how to get started.

Brandbassador allows you to easily message Ambassadors straight to their phone, all in one place. The Message Centre can easily be found by click the message icon in the navigation bar on the left side of the platform. 

When you click into the Message Centre, you will see a list of all pending messages. By clicking into the message, it will open your chat with the Ambassador. 

Now you have opened your Ambassador message chat, you can type in the chat box and press send to deliver the message to the Ambassador. The first message the Ambassadors receive can be an automated Welcome Message giving them a warm welcome to your brand community. 

We recommend keeping your brand's tone of voice consistent across all messages to your Ambassadors. This will help them get to know you and trust your brand. It is your decision how informal you would like to be with your Ambassadors. A lot of our brands choose to make their messages more light hearted by using fun emoji's and images.

To add an image in your message, please click on the camera icon below the text box and choose an image from your computer. 

Please note, when you upload an image it will send the message automatically. Therefore, you should make sure the message is ready to send before including an image. 

An essential way to keep your Ambassador engaged is making your messages customised. We would strongly recommend using their name to personalise the message. We have placeholders for you to use to save you time manually writing their name out. 

  1. First name - #firstName#
  2. Last name - #lastName#

These can be used in mass messages and macros to help personalise messages to all your Ambassadors.

The message centre can be used to send a link to a mission directly in a message. Or link to a specific area of the app. This will increase engagement and help Ambassadors to learn how to use the Brandbassador app. You can include links to missions by clicking on the game controller icon > select the message > click 'Link to mission'.

The Ambassador will need to be in the mission audience for it to appear in the mission options here. 

Your Ambassadors will see the mission underlined in their app message so they are aware it is a clickable link. 

To add a link to an area of the app, click on the link icon below the chat box > select which area you would like to link to > click 'Add link to page"

The link will appear in the same way as a link to a mission and will redirect to the area of the app when Ambassadors click the message. You can link to these areas of the app:

  • Mission 
  • Missions Filter
  • Brands
  • Brand Page (your brand page in the app
  • Profile
  • Gift Card Account
  • User Settings
  • Message Centre
  • [Brand] gift card withdrawal (your brand gift card withdrawal page)
  • Cash Account
  • Team
  • Tracking Link
  • FAQs
  • Levels

To help speed up your response time in the app and easily fly through all your messages, we strongly suggest using macros. Macros are pre-saved messages for frequently asked questions. Instead of re-writing out the same answer constantly, you can save a macro and then send it directly by clicking on "Select Macro" > choose your macro > click 'Send'.

For any technical issues, we recommend saving a macro to direct Ambassadors to the Brandbassador chat in the message centre. We will be able to help them further with any queries or problems they have. Here is a template example of what to write:

"Thank you for your message, for any app queries or issues on the app, please contact Brandbassador directly through the #MESSAGECENTRE#. They will be able to assist you further with this matter."

Now you are ready to send your Ambassadors messages and slide into their DMs!

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