Your Ambassadors are an integral part of your brand's community and online presence. It is important to communicate with your community to help them be the best possible Ambassadors for your brand. At Brandbassador our message centre is a tool that allows you to help, inspire and most importantly engage with this 'always on' community.

The message centre is a direct line to your Ambassador's phone. It can be found by clicking on the chat button in the navigation bar to the left of the page.

Please note the number in red indicates the number of messages which are awaiting for a response from you. We highly recommend you respond to your Ambassadors in under 48 hours. 

When you click into the message centre, it will show you all unread messages in your message table. The table will provide you with everything you need to know about the Ambassador such as:

  • Their Ambassador Level
  • Quality score
  • Revenue generated
  • Reach
  • Number of missions completed
  • Number of points earned
  • Country

If you click into the Ambassadors name it will open up the Ambassador details page in a new tab. If you click on the message, it will open up your chat with the Ambassador so you can respond and send a message.

When you click into the message centre, it will show you all the unread pending messages from your Ambassadors. If you would like to see all your message, please click into "Show all messages".

Once you have clicked into a message it will then be marked as "read". You can edit the message status by selecting the Ambassador > and clicking "Mark as unread" or "Mark as read"

If you need to find a specific Ambassador chat, you can search their name in the search bar at the top of the table. 

If you have sent a group message out to your Ambassadors, you can view these in the message centre by clicking into "Group messages" at the top of the page.

You can filter your messages by time span or Ambassador type. 

Your messages will appear like this to your Ambassadors: 

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