When your published missions receive response from your ambassadors , you may have to do some actions on your part to complete the mission. These actions can be found on the missions page under the mission dashboard, under the heading "Missions that require action".

The "Missions that require actions" table is a to-do list for your missions, it shows all of the missions that have responses pending action. The action required includes accepting or rejecting requests, submissions (approvals) and freebie missions that are awaiting posts. 

How To Find The Missions That Require Action Table

1. Go to the Mission Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to view the "Missions that require action" notification board.

💡Click into the headers to order sort the missions from most to least notifications for the specific action required! 

Types Of Action


An ambassador can request to do your mission if you have applied this in the advanced mission settings. This is most common with freebie missions, but you can change this to apply to any mission.

The number of requests a mission receives will fall under the 'Requests' column. When clicking through to the mission page, you can reject or accept the Ambassador's request to participate.


If a mission doesn't have automatic approval set, you will need to approve or reject any mission submissions from your Ambassadors. These will appear under the 'Approvals' column, where you can go through submissions and reject any that don't fulfil mission requirements.

Awaiting Posts

The  'Awaiting Posts' column refers to Ambassadors who have been accepted to participate in a mission, and have not yet completed their task. 

This is most useful to monitor freebie missions and to see who is yet to complete their mission after being sent a product. 

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