Although you can work with thousands of Ambassadors on the platform, each one is an individual who loves your brand and is ready to shout about them. We want you to be close with each Ambassador to build trust and community.

Each Ambassador has a profile page on the platform that you can click into to learn more about them as a person.

On their page you can see their profile picture, country, level and much much more!

In this article we will explain the options drop down and their profile image section.

Firstly, their profile picture is shown but some of you may notice that a pink BB icon is shown for some Ambassadors whilst it is missing for others? The pink BB icon indicates that the Ambassador is a Brandbassador and applied through the app whereas those without the icon signed up through one of your Invitation Links.

Below their profile picture will show the country they are based in and links to their social media accounts which are clickable.

In between these features you will see an "Options" drop down - this is where you have a range of actions to interact with your Ambassadors

Send chat message

By clicking "send chat message", you open up a chat side bar on the right to send a message to the Ambassador.

The message will be sent to them as a normal message in the Message Centre would and you will receive your response there.

Block Ambassador

On severe circumstances you may decide you wish to block an Ambassador. This will be when they have broken the terms and conditions of your collaboration.

💡We suggest to use the Remove function unless a serious breach has been made by the Ambassador

You can decide how long you would like to block the Ambassador for (up to 7 days or permanently) and you must give a reason which is shown to the Ambassador.

Invite to a mission

You may decide to invite Ambassadors pro rata to a mission and you can easily invite them individually in their Ambassador page by selecting "Invite to a mission" in the options drop down.

Once clicked, you can see a list of missions live which you can invite your Ambassador to.

Once you have selected the mission and invited them, you will be given the option to send a notification to the Ambassador alerting them to the mission. Once you have invited them to the mission they will be able to see it in the app and take part!

If you do not send them a notification, this will appear in their mission listing without any message. If you send the notification, they will receive a note in their profile page and a notification to their phone which when clicked will redirect to the mission.

Add to Segment

Last but definitely not least is the option to add them into a segment. Segments allow you to easily filter your Ambassadors into groups of your choosing. In their profile page you can add them to a pre-made segment or create a new segment to add them to.

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