MESSAGE! *In Ovie's voice* (only really makes sense if you have watched Love Island 2019)

On Brandbassador you have a direct line of communication with your Ambassadors to chat with them about new missions, products and campaigns.

You can chat with your Ambassadors through the Message Centre on the platform but can also send messages to one or groups of Ambassadors in the Ambassador Dashboard.

Please follow these steps to send a mass message or individual message to your Ambassadors:

1. Click into your Ambassadors and select which Ambassadors you would like to message by clicking the check box in tile view of list view.

2. Once you have selected your Ambassadors, click "Send a message" button at the top of the listing.

3. A side chat will appear from the right side for you to write your message.

4. You can include images or links to different areas of the app by clicking the buttons at the bottom left of the chat box.

💡It is not possible to include a link to a mission in a group message as this will disrupt the segments and filters you use in the audience

5. Once you are ready go ahead and click send, you will see a green success notification in the top right corner of the page showing it has gone through.

This message can then be found in your Group messages where you can see the stats on the message delivery.

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