"Invite lost in the post" is an excuse of the past with Brandbassador!

Ensuring the right Ambassadors are completing the right missions is key in ensuring success on the platform. You can decide on who should be invited to your mission by filtering your audience in the Mission Maker. If you missed someone off or want to invite a new Ambassador this can also be done through the Ambassador Dashboard.

You can find the Ambassador Dashboard by clicking on the silhouettes icon in the left hand side navigation bar.

In the Ambassador listing you can select certain Ambassadors or select all in list view.

Once you have selected your chosen Ambassadors you can click the button "Invite to Mission" at the top of the table.

You will be able to choose which mission you would like to invite your Ambassadors to.

By selecting the mission and clicking invite you will then have the option to send a notification to the audience or not. Once sent, your Ambassadors will be added to the audience and can start completing the mission in the app!

By sending a notification, the Ambassadors will receive an app notification which redirects them straight to the mission and also a notification in their profile page of the app:

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