What are segments? 

Segments are when you group Ambassadors together due to a shared attribute. Examples of segments include: VIPs, Content Creators, Customers. 

These are categories which cannot be determined by data alone and are created in relation to the type of person the Ambassador is or what they're interested in. 

When creating a segment, the ambassadors have to be manually entered so you are in complete control over who is in which segment. 

How Do I Create A Segment? 

Please follow these steps to create and populate a segment! 

Creating a segment using the filter button

1. Go to your Ambassadors Dashboard 

2. Select the Ambassadors you want in your segment (feel free to use the filters and existing segments).

3. Click "Add to segment" and scroll down to select "Create segment"

4. Choose an original name for your segment and click "Create segment"

5. The new segments can now be found by clicking on the "Save Segments" drop down within the segments and filters.

Adding Ambassadors to the segment

1. To add Ambassadors to this segment, select the Ambassadors.

2. Click the "Add to Segment" button

3. Select the segment and click "Add"! 


A great way to save time is to create the segment at this stage! You can do this by selecting the Ambassadors you would like to be in your new segment, clicking the "Add to Segment" button, and selecting "Create Segment": 

For more information on adding Ambassadors to a segment, check out another article by clicking here.

How To See Ambassadors In A Segment?

1. When in the Ambassadors Dashboard, open the segment and filters.

2. Scroll down to find and open the "Saved Segments" drop down listing. 

6. Click on the segment you would like to view.

7.  Click Apply.

8. Voilà! There are all of your Ambassadors in this segment.

How Do I Use Segments?

Segments can allow you to target different groups of Ambassadors for different missions, help you know who already has a product and create a great experience for your VIPs!

Segments in the mission maker 

Within the mission maker, audiences for specific mission can be set to exclude or include a segment. To learn more about segments in mission audiences, please click here to read our article.

Discount codes for specific segments

To reward your VIPs with a even better experience, you can create different discount codes for segments. For our article on this feature, please click here


Our segment URL feature allows different invitation links to be sent out that will place them into a chosen segment when they apply! 

For example, you may create a "Customer" segment link to be sent in digital receipts, meaning that anyone signing in through this link will be automatically placed in the "Customer" segment and you know they own a product. 

For more information on segment URL links, please click here.

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