So you've activated your customers and fans to join your ambassador community? Great work!! Would you like to know how many of your ambassadors have over 1000 Instagram followers? Or even how many of your ambassadors have generated over $100 revenue? This article will help explain what a filter is and how it is a powerful tool to help manage your community. 

What is a filter?

A filter is quantifiable data about the ambassador that we can measure, and update as the ambassador's information changes over time. We do this through the API connection we have from the Ambassador linking their socials and creating a profile on the Brandbassador app. 

Where do I go to filter my ambassadors?
On the black navigation menu to the left of the platform, click the people icon to be directed to the Ambassadors Dashboard.

Next, you need to scroll to the middle section of the Dashboard. This is where you can view all of your ambassadors in thumbnail view and a list of 26 filters to the left of that. You can select one or as many of these filters and apply it to your ambassador community to see how many ambassadors match the filter. 

For example, to see how many ambassadors have over 1000 followers on Instagram, you would complete the following steps:

  1. Select the filter called Social Network, click the button Choose and select the option Instagram from the drop down menu that loads
  2. Next, select the filter called Reach and enter the number 1000 in the text box "From". (You can leave the text box "To" empty as you want to view all ambassadors with over 1000 Instagram followers).
  3. When your filters are added, a green dot will appear next to them. You should then scroll down and click the navy button called Apply to apply the filter to your ambassador community. 

When the filter is applied, you can see how the number of ambassadors change from your overall ambassador community. You've just applied your first filter, congratulations!

If you don't wish to lose them, we get it, we wouldn't want you to either. It's really easy to save it as a Saved Filter so you can return to it later in the future.

To do this, change your Ambassadors Dashboard from thumbnail to list view while your filters are still applied. This will allow you to select all ambassadors. Scroll down to the navy button called Save Filter which will open a window - give your filter a name. 

💡We recommend using the abbreviations/initials of the filters used e.g. IG 1K+ as a quick reference! 😃

Once saved, you can view all of your saved filters on the left side of the Ambassadors Dashboard by loading the menu called Saved Filters. Here, you also can select a filter and click the Apply button to view the ambassadors within the filter. 

There are several things that you can do with a group of filtered ambassadors such as:

Our successful brands use saved filters to track the goals they want to achieve i.e. to make missions or communicate with a specific group of ambassadors in a much more targeted and personal way. 

You can also use a saved filter to determine which Brandbassadors can apply to your brand on the app. Read here how to set this up.

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