Think of the dashboard listing as the Ambassador yellow pages. Here you can see all the faces of your Ambassadors as well as their details and results.

The Ambassador listing is found below the Ambassador Dashbboard:

Each tile shows one of your Ambassadors. In the tile it shows:

  • Name (click on their name to open their Ambassador profile)
  • Profile picture
  • Country
  • Number of followers

💡To search the name of an Ambassador, please type it into the search bar at the top left side of the listing.

What does it mean if the tile has a pink BB logo on the profile picture?

You may notice some pictures have a red BB logo on the image whereas others do not. This is to easily identify which of your Ambassadors are Own Ambassadors and Brandbassadors.

What does the Followers section show?

At the bottom of the tile you will see how many followers the Ambassador has collectively on social media. By hovering over the "Followers" section of the tile, you can see a breakdown of followers by each platform and their engagement rate.

💡Click on the social media count to be open up their individual page!

How can I add an Ambassador to a segment?

On the Ambassador tile you can see a small white box on the top right, if you select this box you will then be able to click the button at the top of the tiles to add them to a segment.

By selecting an Ambassador you can also send a message, remove or invite selected Ambassadors to a missions in the buttons at the top of the listing.

How can I filter the Ambassador listing?

If you want to see only certain Ambassadors based on objective criteria you can filter them using filters such as age, country, number of followers etc. This is done by clicking on the filter icon at the top right corner of the listing.

What is list view?

You may want to see more information on each individual Ambassadors without clicking into their profile page.

By clicking into list view you are able to see a table of results with more information on each Ambassador. This is found by clicking on the list view icon at the top right corner of the listing.

💡 You can always go back to tile view by clicking the button next to list view :)

In list view you can see more information on the Ambassador such as their follow date, reach, level, overall engagement rate. By clicking on the top of the column this will order the columns from top to bottom.

The information in the list view table is only a selected number of criteria to view. By clicking on the pencil icon you can select more information to be included in the table.

The list view is your oyster!

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