Twos' company, three's a crowd and 5000 is an Ambassador community!

On Brandbassador you can seamlessly manage thousands of Ambassadors promoting your brand all over the globe. On the Own Ambassador tile in your main dashboard you can see a break down on the number of Ambassadors you work with and more!

Own Ambassadors

We have found our most successful brands are those who already love your brand and products. Therefore, we put these Own Ambassadors front and centre of your view on the main time.

Rejected Ambassadors

These are the Ambassadors who have applied to work with your brand but for whatever reason have been rejected in New Ambassador Applications.

By clicking into the Rejected Ambassadors you can click into to see a full list and revert their applications back to pending for a secondary review.

Blocked Ambassadors

These are Ambassadors you have previously been working with but for whatever reason have decided to end the collaboration.

💡Please note, we only suggest blocking Ambassadors if they have broken the terms and conditions of your collaboration. If you would like to simply end the collaboration we suggest removing them as an Ambassador.

Total Ambassadors

This is the total Ambassador community you have on Brandbassador. The combination of both Brandbassadors and Own Ambassadors


Your Brandbassadors are those who are working with your brand but unlike Own Ambassadors have applied through the app.

They are great Ambassadors but are not vetted and may not be as committed to your brand ethos as those who already love your products!

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