Ambassadors can earn different rewards seamlessly through the platform, such as cash, gift cards, free products and points.

Once an Ambassador successfully completes a mission where cash was was the reward they have two options:

  1. Withdraw the cash into their bank account
  2. Convert the cash into a gift card for your brand's web-shop. Thus guaranteeing a sale for you!

💡This is an optional feature which can be edited in your Settings > Sales and discounts. You can also incentivise your Ambassadors to choose gift cards over cash by offering them a higher cash to gift card conversion e.g. 20% extra on gift card so instead of getting $10 they will receive a $12 gift card.

If they choose to convert it into a gift card the cash they transfer will be deposited into your 'Gift Card Sales Account'. This balance can then be move to your 'Reward Account' to fund future cash missions. Essentially making your account self-sustainable!

What is the Gift Card Sales Account?

This is the account which holds the cash from your gift card sales. When an Ambassador converts their cash into a gift card for your brand, their money will be transferred here.

💡Please note, there is a 10% Brandbassador charge on cash to gift card conversions.

How can I see my balance?

This is found in your Finance page and is shown as the green number in your "Gift Card Sales Account". This will be the total available balance to transfer into your Reward Account.

How can I transfer the cash to my Reward Account?

Simply click on the "Transfer to Mission Reward Account" button in your Finance page and it will automatically transfer the funds over.

What is the gift card conversion bonus?

To encourage ambassadors to convert their cash into a gift card to spend at your store, it's preferable to have a high conversion bonus percentage. This percentage increases the amount of cash the ambassador has, to create a higher-value gift card.

For example, if set at 20% they will receive a $12 gift card when converting $10 cash. This percentage is set in your Sales and discounts section in settings. Please click HERE for more information on how to edit this.

How can I see how much I have rewarded in gift cards?

The value you have rewarded Ambassadors in gift card code credit is shown in the Finance tile in the Main dashboard. This shows the gift card credit given, however the Ambassadors may have not withdrawn this into a code.

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