Your Ambassadors work hard to promote your brand and create awesome content with your products. It is important to reward them fairly for all their hard work and effort in missions. They will thank you by being the best Ambassadors!

What is the Reward Account?
Your Reward Account is used when creating cash missions. As you create missions that use cash to reward your Ambassadors this budget will decrease. This can be accessed in your Finance page in Settings. Here you can top up this account if you wish to create awesome new missions for your Ambassadors

How to top up my Reward Account?
The value shown in green is the total available balance that can be spent in missions. To add more cash, click on the "Top-up Reward Account" button.

How is it topped up?
If you run out of cash to fund your missions you can simply top up in your Finance page by clicking the button "Top-up Reward Account".

You can top-up by any amount needed and this will automatically be charged to your card that is linked to your account.

💡Once you have topped up in the Finance page, it can take 15 minutes to be reflected in your account to create missions.

If you have a minimum amount of cash you pay each month please keep reading.

Why does my top-up cash expire?
Ambassadors are motivated by earning cash and we want all our brands to be encouraged to create cash missions and not solely rely on gift card rewards. We need to make sure the ambassadors are shown value for the more advanced missions they complete for you. This cash can be used to create any missions at all for example, you can pay your ambassadors to host their own event for you! The cash in your Reward Account will expire after 3 months of the monthly top-up.

💡Please note, cash for missions will always be taken from your expiring funds first.

Where can I see my expiring Reward Budget?
To check the amount of cash expiring this month, you can view this in the Finance page by clicking into your Reward Account.

This will also be shown in the Main dashboard, Finance tile and in your Mission dashboard.

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