In your Finance page, you will find information on the credit card you have linked and all invoices generated during your time on Brandbassador.

What is my payment card?

This is the credit card that you have linked to your account and will be charged for:

Subscription fee (if you pay monthly)

Commission top ups (mid month or end of month)

Reward budget top ups (if you wish to create more cash missions)

To change/amend the card you have on file please click the pencil icon or the bin icon to remove the card completely.

💡Please note, we make charges through Stripe so only accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and JCB.

How can I see how much I owe?
To see the total sum of unpaid invoices on Brandbassador, please check the number at the header of the Invoices tab.

Where can I see a list of all my invoices?

Below your payment card, you will see a table of all invoices for your Brandbassador account. To download any invoice, please click on the arrow icon on the right hand side of the table.

What information can I see in the Invoice table?

In the invoice table it will breakdown each invoice based on:

  • Type (subscription fee, commission account, reward account)
  • Amount
  • Status (paid, unpaid, voided)
  • Created date (when the invoice was created in our system
  • Due date (when the invoice must be paid)

💡Please note, if invoices are unpaid for over 14 days, your access will be automatically blocked to your Brandbassador account and you will be required to pay the overdue invoice to get access.

What is the invoice type?

Each of your charges will be from a different cost on the platform. Here is a breakdown of each invoice type:

1. Commission Account (Monthly top up) - At the beginning of each month your account will be topped up to your full float.

2. Commission Account (Low-budget top up) - If your Commission Account float falls below 20% mid-month it will be topped back up to full.

3. Reward Account (Reward Spent) - At the beginning of every month your account will be topped up with your agreed amount.

4. Reward Account (Manual top-up) - For when you need more cash to reward for missions mid month.

5. Gift Card Sales Account - When you transfer your cash from your Gift Card Sales Account to your Reward Account it will be shown as an invoice.

6. Subscription fee - the monthly fee you pay for your license to use Brandbassador

Can I filter by type of invoice?

Yes, you can filter your invoice table by type of invoice by clicking on the filter button at the top-right of the table.

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