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Shaneice replied to iDeals question:

How will the conversion bonus percentage (20%) affect us?
Having this toggle enabled means you are allowing your ambassadors to be able to convert cash they have earned from other brands they are working with on the platform into a gift card for iDeal of Sweden. They are essentially buying a gift card from you. The 20% is the bonus you will give them to encourage them to convert their cash to a gift card for iDeal of Sweden.

For example, if you have your 'cash to gift card' conversion enabled and set to 20% this is what will happen. 1. As an ambassador I earn $100 in cash from another brand I am working with (e.g. Onepiece)

2. I choose to convert that $100 into a gift card for iDeal of Sweden

3. I will receive $120 gift card that can only be spent on iDeal of Sweden's webshop 

4. You (iDeal) will receive my $90 into your 'Reward Budget Account' to spend on future missions due to a 10% conversion fee. 

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