An Ambassador who owns a product is 10x more effective than an Ambassador who does not. Therefore, you should aim to make as many of your Ambassadors into product owners as soon as possible.

You can of course do this via freebie mission but in addition, you can utilise the 'Gift Card Conversion' which allows your Ambassadors to buy a gift card from you that they can use to become a product owner and by using this tool you also earn cash that you can use to create cash missions - it's a win win!

Note: You can find an example at the end of this article that illustrate how this feature works

This tool is located in your Settings > Sales & Discounts > Gift Card Conversion.

Having this toggle ON means you are allowing your ambassadors to be able to convert cash they have earned from other brands they are working with on the platform into a gift card for your brand - they are essentially buying a gift card from you. When the Ambassador has earned enough cash and they choose to covert it into a gift card, they are presented with a list of all brands who have chose to turn ON this option.

The order of the brands is based on the % bonus you offer, the higher your bonus % the higher up your brand will appear and the more likely Ambassadors will be to choose your brand to convert their cash to gift card.

Once the Ambassador has decided which brand they would like to convert their cash into a Gift Card for, the balance will be added to their brand Gift Card account which they can then withdraw. See more on how Gift Cards work here.

The original value of cash the Ambassador converted (minus a transaction fee - same as your Platform Commission %) will then be credit to the brands Gift Card Sales Account. This account can be left to build up and whenever the brand chooses, they can transfer the cash to their Reward Account to use for creating cash mission for their Ambassadors at no extra cost.


If you have your 'Gift Card Conversion' ON and set to 100% this is what will happen.

1. As an Ambassador I earn $100 in cash from another brand I am working with (e.g. Onepiece)

2. I choose to convert that $100 into a Gift Card for your brand as you have a 100% conversion bonus

3. I will receive a $200 Gift Card that can only be spent on your webshop and can use it to make a purchase and become a product owner

4. Once the transaction fee is removed (let's say it's 10%), you will then receive $90 into your 'Reward Account' to spend on future cash missions for your Ambassadors.

It's a win win! 🤑

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