There are two ways your Ambassadors can gain Gift Cards to spend in your webshop.

  1. There are four reward types that your Ambassador can earn by completing missions: Cash, Gift Card, Bonus Points or Freebies. When your Ambassadors complete any of your Gift Card missions, their earnings will be collected in their Gift Card account on their app.
  2. Your Ambassadors can choose to convert cash their have earned from working with other brands on the app into a Gift Card for your brand if you have enabled this option. Read more about this here. If your Ambassadors choose to do a conversion, their cash will be converted into Gift Card which will be added to their Gift Card account on their app.

Ambassadors can continue to complete your Gift Card missions or do cash to gift card conversions until they have enough balance in their Gift Card account for your brand that they would like to withdraw to spend on your webshop.

Ambassadors will choose your brand from their Gift Card accounts, enter the value they would like to withdraw from their balance and click 'Create Gift Card'. Through your integration, a gift card for this value will then be create in your e-commerce solution and the code will be given to the Ambassador automatically. They can then spend their gift card in your webshop using the given code.

In your Admin settings, you can control your Gift Card settings by completing these fields to specify:

    Here you can set how long the Gift Cards withdrawn by your Ambassadors should be valid for. As a default we recommend 12 months.
    Your Ambassadors will collect Gift Cards until they have enough balance they want to withdraw and this balance can be any amount if this field is kept at $0. If however you would like your Ambassadors to collect a minimum Gift Card amount before they can withdraw, you can set this minimum here. We recommend keeping this at $0 to encourage your Ambassadors to use their Gift Card earning as soon as possible even if they decided to add their own money on top to make a purchase sooner rather than later.
    If you need to be able to easily find and identify Gift Cards created by your Ambassadors, you can add a prefix. We recommend keeping this to 2-3 characters max.
    Communicate to your Ambassadors any rules of your Gift Cards e.g. Gift Card cannot be on sale items.
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