When you join Brandbassador, we can help to enhance your ambassador base with ambassadors who have joined before and are working with other brands. We call them Brandbassadors. 

We understand that brands may wish to only work with an Ambassador that has a specific reach, following etc. so we have built a tool in your Platform Settings that lets you set filters. When you enable a filter the platform will show your brand to Ambassadors who fit within this filter which allow them to apply to work with you. Alternatively, you can set this filter to hide your brand from Brandbassadors. 

To set a filter to show/hide your brand, you will work on two areas of the platform: 

  1. Ambassadors Dashboard
  2. Settings Dashboard

First, click on the Ambassadors Dashboard and scroll down where all of your Ambassadors tiles are displayed. 

Choose as many filters to determine who you want to show/hide your brand to based on their Social Network, Reach, Gender, Countries, Engagement rate etc. Green dots will appear next to those filters! 

  • For example, if the Brandbassador's Instagram reach needs to be over 1000, you will turn on the filter Social Network > choose Instagram followed by the filter Reach > enter number in From tab 1000
  • Another example is if you only ship products to American and Canadian customers, you will turn on the filter Country > select countries United States and Canada from the drop down menu

Next, scroll down and click 'Apply' to apply the filter. Scroll back up to the top of all ambassadors now listed, click the icon 'List View' to change from tile view to list view and select all ambassadors and then click 'Save Filter'.
Remember to call your filter something that sums up the filter well, e.g. with the examples above "Instagram 1K" or "US and CA Ambassadors only".

Finally, visit the Settings Dashboard and click the Ambassadors tab. Scroll down to the section called Show/Hide brand from Ambassador Filters - there are two boxes to fill here. If you created the filter to show your brand, you need to select Selected Filters and Segments Only. 

Please note if you wish to hide your brand, you need to select All Ambassadors Excluding Selected Filters and Segments. Then search for the filter you created, and select it. Hit save at the top and let the applications roll in! 

You can always change or update your filter after it is saved. Click this article to read How to Update a Saved Filter

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