You can find your ambassador application controls in your
admin > settings > ambassadors > ambassador application settings.

These are particularly important settings as they can help you optimise your ambassador applications and save you the time of having to reject applications you can otherwise hide your account from.  Keep reading to find out more about these controls in order to help you best decide whether or not to enable them. 

1. Do not accept private Instagram accounts  

Having this toggle turned OFF means ambassadors can choose to apply to your brand with a private Instagram account. This means you will not be able to view the ambassadors Instagram profile in order to get an idea of the type and quality of content they create. In this case, you will have to rely on their other social accounts, the numerical metrics (e.g. follow & engagement rate) and potentially their text application (if you have this setting turned ON) – more on this below at point 3.  

Although you are unable to see the ambassador's Instagram posts, if you do choose to enable this toggle and approve an ambassador with a private account you will be able to view their mission submissions. For example, if an ambassadors with a private Instagram account completes an Instagram post mission for you, you will be able to see that content post and the engagements (likes & comments) of that post. The other benefit here is that more ambassadors will be able to apply to become an ambassador for you. 

2. Do not accept application without profile picture 

When ambassadors set up their Brandbassador account, they can choose to add a profile picture. Having the toggled turned OFF means ambassadors who have not yet added a profile photo to their Brandbassador account will be able to apply to work with your brand. 

Please note that an Ambassador with no profile pic may indicate that they are not as serious about becoming an ambassador or taking their ambassador status seriously.

Even though they may not have a profile picture, you will still be able to check out their linked socials but for some brands this may be a quick way to filter your new ambassador applications.

3. Ambassadors must submit a text application

Having this toggle turned ON means all ambassadors who would like to apply to become an ambassadors for you will have to submit a text response to a question you set. 

We highly recommend all brands to use this great feature as it allows you to really see which of your applicants really wanted to become an ambassador for your brand. For example, if you ask what their favourite product from your last collection is, they will have to check out the brand before being able to submit their application. Alternatively, if you ask something why they want to become an ambassadors for you, it will be easy to quickly identify how much the applicant really wants to be an ambassador for your brand.

Here are some example of text application questions you can ask to make the most of this feature...

  • Why do you think you would be a good ambassador for us? 
  • What is your favourite product from our last collection?
  • How did you hear about our brand and what about it appeals most to you?

You can also use this as a tool to gain information required for deciding whether to approve or reject an ambassador. For example, we have seen some brands use it to collect email or home addresses in order to help them make their decision using this enriched data.

Once the ambassadors applies to your brand they will see your questions and will have to complete it in order to submit their application like this...

Congratulations, you now know how to optimise your new ambassador applications so well done! I think that deserves a cookie so here you go 🍪

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