Time is money and we know how important it is for you to utilise every second of your busy working day to optimise and harness the power of your Ambassador community. We created Social Boost missions to allow you to quickly and easily create missions on Brandbassador relating to your social media posts. 

In the Mission Maker, your Social Boost missions will update with every new post made on one of your linked social media accounts.

The reward for missions will vary from brand to brand, so we allow you to set the mission reward for social boost missions easily in the settings page. Then when quickly creating a mission you do not need to take time setting the reward. 

If you do not set a reward for a social boost mission in settings, you will need to set it when creating a mission in the Mission Maker.

Please follow these steps to set your reward for your social boost missions:

1. Click into settings and go to the Missions tab.

2. Select the +Add more. 

3. Select the social media platform. 

4. Enter the type of mission:

  • Instagram - Like, comment, regram a post
  • Facebook - Like, comment, share, share with comment on a post 
  • Twitter - Like, comment, retweet, share, quote on twitter
  • Youtube - Like, comment on a post

5. Choose the reward type:

It is not possible to set the reward as a freebie - if you would like to reward with a freebie please edit the reward when publishing the mission in the Mission Maker.

6. Choose the reward type:

7. Set the max reward for each submission. For non-engagement missions, this will be a flat-rate reward.

8. If you have rewarded per engagement, you can set a minimum and maximum reward.

9. Set the total budget for the mission.

10. Click on the tick icon and press save 🎉

💡If you would like to edit or delete one of your Social boost mission rewards, this can be done by clicking on the pencil icon to edit and bin icon to delete. 

You may want your Social Boost missions to automatically publish to save time. This is very simple to set up, please click below to find out how!

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