To get full value of the Brandbassador we recommend a full integration like the one offered through our Magento 2 integration. This integration allows your ambassadors to create personalised discount codes and tracking links, earn commission on sales generated and automatically withdraw gift card they have earned. It also allows you to track the revenue generated.

FIRST STEP: Install the Magento 2 plugin in your webshop

  1. In order to integrate your Magneto 2 e-commerce store with Brandbassador first download the Magento 2 plugin

2. To help you install the plugin we have created this manual as a tutorial on how to manually install the Brandbassador Plugin into your Magento 2 webshop using Composer.

3. Once installed go to the Configuration of the Brandbassador Plugin in your Magento 2 admin. You see that you will need to insert an authentication key, which takes us to the next step.

SECOND STEP - Insert your authentication code to connect Brandbassador

  1. Go to your Settings > Integrations in your Brandbassador platform, insert your discount code percentage and click 'Add Webshop' next to 'Magento 2'.
  2. Select the base currency of your webshop and click 'Save Currency'. If you have multiple webshop with different currencies you go through this flow once for each of your webshops.
  3. You have now received your authentication key, which allows the Magento 2 plugin in your webshop to communicate with the Brandbassador API.

4. Copy this authentication key and paste into the Configuration of the Brandbassador Plugin in your Magento 2 admin and Save.

5. Back in the Brandbassador Platform Settings > Integrations click the 'Test Connection', and if the authentication key is the same it will confirm your integration

5. You have now completed your Magento 2 integration! If scroll down on the bottom of the page you will see the URL of the webshop you just linked in the table

💡 In order for 'Tracking links' to work the reference have to be in the URL when the page is loaded. If you for example have multiple webshops and re-direct your customer based on IP location you have to ensure the reference parameter is kept in the URL on redirection. You can read more about that here.

Congratulation! And then we always recommend to test your Integration to make sure it is working as it should.

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