Your ambassadors will promote your brand better if they have your product. To make product seeding easy, we have the Freebie missions, to send products to your ambassadors at scale and receive an action in return (i.e. an Instagram Post).

When seeding products we recommend you give your ambassador a 100% discount code and free shipping, as Brandbassador will track whether the code is used or not. However, Shopify does not offer the opportunity to give 100% AND Free Shipping through a discount code, so a good way it to add a Shipping Rate with Free Shipping for orders valued $0.

This is how to do so in Shopify:

  1. Go to your Settings > Shipping in your online store. Under Rates at Checkout > Shipping profiles choose Manage rates

2. Then under Shipping to, you click on Add Rate under the Shipping Zones you would like to seed products to. Give it a Rate name with $0 cost (i.e. 'Freebie') and choose 'Add conditions'.

3. Choose Based on order price, and in the box Maximum price input '0' then click Done

4. You will then see your new shipping rate giving free shipping to orders valued $0.

Your ambassadors who use your 100% discount code to get their freebie will then get a new shipping option in their checkout with free shipping!

Here's a screen recording of how to set it up in Shopify:

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