If you're reading this, then you have either completed your welcome call or you're ahead of the curve to start creating your very first set of missions! Well done, you've earned yourself a gold star (⭐️).

IMPORTANT! Your first missions should be published before you start activating your own ambassadors in order to give them the best first impression. Imagine yourself signing up as an ambassador and seeing no missions!

To get things going, you should publish 6-8 missions. These missions should be varied in terms of action, reward and difficulty to give the best first impression and ensure all of your ambassadors have a couple of missions they can engage with.  Keep reading for more information and examples of each. 

For a in-depth explanation on How To Make A Mission check out this article!

Top Tip!

Become your Own Ambassador! Sign up to Brandbassador yourselves through app.brandbassador.com/#yourbrand# (you find your link in Settings > Brand Details > Your Brandbassador Invitation link.)

Once registered you approve yourselves, and you will be able to see exactly how your ambassadors will see their missions in the app. This will help you a lot when creating missions.


An action is what the ambassador will do to complete the mission (e.g. Instagram post, Instagram story, like a post, comment on a post, sign up to newsletter, etc.). It's recommended to have a varied set of actions to keep the missions fun and interesting. In addition, you want your missions to be as inclusive as possible as some ambassadors may not want/be able to complete some actions. 


For the same reasons, we recommend making your rewards varied as well. Imagine how much more appealing it would be to see a bunch of missions with a mix of cash, gift card, bonus points and freebie rewards. In addition, it's a good idea to have a mix of rewards because what may be a good incentive to one ambassador, may not be to another. So to make your missions as inclusive as possible, mix up the rewards.
Note: The rewards are visually indicated in the app with colour tags so at a glance ambassadors can see a nice mix of rewards. 


Again it's important to have a variation in difficulty. If all of your missions are too difficult, you will not receive many submissions so you need to have some mission that are easy to complete (e.g. comment on our post) and also mid level (e.g. Insta story) . However, you can also have some more difficult missions such as a Instagram giveaway to find your more dedicated ambassadors from the very beginning and gage what missions your ambassadors engage with. 

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