Some of the most successful brands on Brandbassador create bespoke landing pages to explain prospective ambassadors more about how their brands' ambassador programme works. This works great to get ambassadors ready, and educate them on what your ambassador program entails.

Example of great pages, click the image to go to the whole page!

Sharing your Own Ambassador Link on your website is a very effective way to turn your dedicated followers into ambassadors. You can create different links for different outreaches you do and automatically segment them based on the link they register through.

We suggest you making your landing page original and custom for your brand. To make sure you are including the write text to entice your fans onto the app, we have an example text to include?

[YOUR BRAND] x Brandbassador

What is it?

An Ambassador Programme that offers you the opportunity to collaborate with us! Everything takes place in the state of the art app and is easy and simple to use.

What do I have to do?

As a [BRANDNAME] Ambassador you will participate in missions and promote [BRANDNAME] through your social media accounts to let all of your friends and followers know about us!

How will I be rewarded?

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Commission
  • Reward Points
  • A lifetime discount of 15%

Can I sign up?

Sure! If you love our products, have over  [X] followers and have a great social media flare apply today at [INSERT LINK]

We only have limited spaces so get applying

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