In the mission description when you have 'Deliver a product to ambassador before mission submission' ON we recommend you to start your mission description with:

  1. Request to do this mission below. If approved we will send you a 100% discount code so you can order your free product you need to complete this mission!
  2. [Continue with the rest of the description related to the action you want them to do. See more suggested mission descriptions in this article.]

If you you create a mission where you need your ambassadors to receive a product before they can complete the mission, you would turn the toggle 'Deliver a product to ambassador before mission submission' ON under Action Type Settings in the Mission Maker.

This will then turn on and lock the 'Request to do mission' under Advanced settings:

NB! We recommend to use the 'Automatically populate freebie code for admin' as it would make bulk seeding easier:

Check our this article to see how to use this feature.

The ambassador is then required to request to do this mission, because you as an Admin need to send them the product, either through a 100% discount code, a message or to their address.

How the flow looks then:

  1. Ambassador Request Freebie

Your ambassador will request to do the mission by pressing the 'Request Freebie' button in the mission in their Brandbassador App:

Once they request their mission status changes to 'Request Pending', and the button in the app looks like this awaiting your reply.

Here are some examples of Freebie 'Deliver a product to ambassador before mission submission' mission descriptions:

2. You Approve or Reject Request

Ambassadors requests will show in the Mission Details for you to approve or reject:

If you approve you can then send the freebie as a 100% discount code, a message or straight to their address.

NB! We highly recommend Discount code as you can track automatically whether they have redeemed their free product or not.

When approved you will see the ambassador in the 'Freebie given' listing until they complete the mission:

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