Step 1. Choose Action
You know need to select the action you want the ambassador to take. This section has four options:

  • Social Media
    This is where you can engage with all the social networks available on the Brandbassador. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Snapchat and Blog. You can do anything from a mission asking the ambassadors to comment on their last Instagram post, to a mission asking them to post a product review on YouTube. Click here for more information.
  • Sales Action
    You can use this option to create a mission to help encourage/boost sales. It is important to remember that the ambassadors can generate and share their discount code/tracking link to make sales and earn commission at any time on the app regardless of the missions. The sales mission is simply a way to encourage/boost sales by offering an extra reward for making a specified number of sales. E.g. Make 3 Sales to get a $50 Gift Card. Click here for more information.
  • Invite Friends
    Having good ambassadors is important and this invite function gives you a way of getting more ambassadors. You can use this function to create a mission that rewards your ambassadors for getting their friends to sign up to become one of the brands ambassadors as well. The mission can only be completed if their applications are approved. E.g. Invite 3 Friends to get a $50 Gift Card.
    Click here for more information.
  • Other Actions
    Social media is great but Brandbassador gives the brands even more creative control by offering an option for missions non-social media related. These are all under the “Other Actions” category and include options such as:
    - Submit Link  
    e.g. ask your ambassadors to send your a link to their TikTok
    - Upload Image
    e.g. ask your ambassadors to send you a image directly
    - Upload a video
    e.g. used to find a new model
    - Submit Text
    e.g. use to get feedback on a product. You can ask your ambassadors anything
    - Upload a file
    e.g. used to find a new intern by uploading their CV
    - Upload Screenshot
    e.g. used to validate ambassadors have signed up to your newsletter
    Click here for more information.

Step 2. Action type settings

  • Mandatory keywords
    These are keywords that your ambassadors must include in their post in order for them to successful complete the mission. If the mandatory keywords are not added by the ambassador, you will not see their submission as it is not completed correctly. Enable this option here and you will be prompted to add the keywords in the next step. Add one key word per line so that the ambassadors can freely create their caption and add your keywords naturally. You'll also be asked if you want to enable the 'Mission must have a unique Keyword' option.
    Click here for more information.
  • Deliver a product to ambassador before mission submission
    Enabling this option means you want to send the ambassador a free product before the submission so they can use it in their post. If you are creating a freebie mission you will want to enable this feature. Click her for more information.
  • Post validation period
    This is the period that we track the ambassadors post to make sure it is not deleted. The default is 24 hours, but you can increase this using this feature. Note: This is in hours so if you want to make the validating period 2 days you'll need to enter 48. Click here for more information.

Advanced settings:

  • Request to do mission
    This will ask all ambassadors to request to do the mission and you as the admin can then review their profile and either approve them to or reject their request.
    This could be useful for example for a YouTube mission where you want to check out the ambassadors YouTube Channel content again before allowing them to do the mission. Note: For freebie missions, this is automatically enabled as they will always have to request first for a freebie mission. 
  • Mission specific tracking link
    Enabling this option means, the ambassadors will be prompted to create a tracking link in the mission that they can use to complete the mission and you as the admin will be able to track the revenue generated from those tracking links for that specific mission.
  • Upload discount codes specific to this mission
    As with tracking links, enabling this option will prompt your ambassadors to create a discount code in the mission that they can use to complete the mission and you as the admin will be able to track the revenue generated from those discount codes for that specific mission.
  • Automatic mission approval
    This is a great time saving tool! For any mission where you do not need to check the ambassadors submission, you can enable this auto approval to save you having to manually approve them. For example, our algorithms can check if an ambassadors has complete the 'Like our page on Facebook' mission, so you can enable this option to automatically approve all the submissions. 
  • Save as a recurring mission
    This allows you to have a mission re-published on a set schedule. The mission will end and be re-posted after a set number of days that you decide. For example, if you have a Trust Pilot review mission and you want to control the number of reviews you receive per week, you can set a budget for 10 reviews and enable this mission to have the mission automatically republish itself with the same set up in your chose number of days. 
  • Add to Chain Mission
    This a cool feature that allows you to create a campaign with up to 5 missions. In a chain mission, your ambassadors will have to complete the missions in sequential order to unlock the next mission in the chain. Note: The ambassadors are not obligated to complete all the missions within the chain. 
  • Link to another mission
    This feature is a fun one that allows you to surprise your ambassadors with a new missions if the complete the only you have linked it to. So if you chain mission A to mission B, the ambassador will not know mission B exists until they have completed mission A. A fantastic example of how to use this feature is our 'Golden Ticket' mission. This has been proven to improve engagement among ambassadors!

You can enable the "Deliver a product to ambassador before mission submission" option to give the ambassador the free product and complete the details of the freebie.

  • What is the freebie?
    Tell the ambassador what product they will receive so they can understand what the product will be so they can decided if they want to apply to the mission or not
  • Link to free product
    Insert a link to the product so the ambassador can check it out before make the decision to apply for the mission 
  • Days to complete the mission
    This is how many days the ambassador has to complete the mission from the moment you approve their request. Remember they will need time to order and wait for the product to be delivered. We suggest 21 days.
  • Freebie amount
    This is the total number of freebies you want to give out in the mission. E.g. if you want 50 videos, they the total freebie amount should be 50. 

Read about what 'Automatically populate freebie code for admin' means here. 

Step 3. Choose and crop your mission image.
Select a clear, high quality image that looks good and if possible is relevant to the mission. Images can be taken directly from the brands Facebook or Instagram once they have been linked. They can also be uploaded.  Avoid posting multiple missions with the same image in a row. Also avoid adding any images with text as it clashes with the mission title once published and makes it difficult to read.

Step 4. Enter the mission description details.
As this is a freebie mission the description will be slightly different from a normal YouTube post mission. Check out recommended mission descriptions text here.

  1. Title
    The mission title should be short and simple. Something related to the mission that gets the idea of the mission across. Try to be creative here also, it's always nice when the mission titles are fun and reflect the brands tone of voice.  
  2. Publish and End Date
    These are not mandatory and it most cases do not have to be added.
    You'll really only need to use them if you want to schedule a mission to be published at a future date or time. For example, if you have a great idea for a Black Friday mission, you can create it and simply schedule it to publish on 29th November at 12 noon.

    The End date is useful if the mission is specific to a particular sale that will end on a 12 midnight on a weekend, then you can set the mission to automatically end at that time. 
  3. Short Summary
    This should be a simple one liner that sums up the mission. Imagine you are an ambassador trying to decided which missions to complete, you would just want a very brief sentence of what the mission is so you don’t have to waste time figuring it out. Should be a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of thing.
  4. Mission Description
    This is where you explain how to complete the mission. It’s best to use numbered steps and make them as clear as possible. Remember that this is a global platform and it may be more difficult for some ambassadors to follow, so you really have to spell it out as clear as you can to avoid confusion.
  5. Terms and Conditions
    This is where you can really control the submissions they will receive. If for example it is a mission that asks the ambassador to post a photo with a product, the brand can be very specific on how the photo should look. For example, they could specify that the photo must be taken outside.   This is important because this gives the brand the right to reject a submission that does not follow the terms and conditions.

Step 5. Choose the audience for this mission.
If you do nothing at the stage and just click the green 'Next Step' button this will make the mission available to all of your approved ambassadors. However, if you want to limit this mission and only make it visible to a certain group of ambassadors, we need to open the 'Advanced Audience Filtering'.

Here you can filter your ambassadors using the filters on the left. These can be stacked in anyway you like and there is not limit on how many you can add. For this mission for example, we can apply a filter for ambassadors who have a Youtube Channel with over 500 subscribers. To do so, we first need to select 'Social Network' and select 'YouTube'. Then we'll select 'Reach' and enter 'from' as 500.

IMPORTANT! Once you've created your filter, we then need to apply it to the mission. To do so, you MUST click on the 'Add Filter to Audience' button to update with the new audience. You can see that this has bee successfully updated by scrolling to the top and making sure the 'Selected Audience' has been updated. If you don't click on the 'Add Filter to Audience' button and move on, the mission will not be visible to any of your ambassadors.

Step 6. Review and Publish
The last step in creating your mission, is just to review the mission summary and make sure all sections are completes (indicated by the green check mark). If some information is missing, you will see an orange triangle icon which you can click to easily complete that section.

Once done, click "Publish".

That's it, you're done! VERY well done, you deserve 3 gold stars for that! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

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