Shopify is the simplest integration we have. This can be completed by any Admin with Full Access Permissions and is a simple installing of a plugin.

This integration allows your ambassadors to create their own personalised discount codes to share with their friends and followers with the parameters you set under Settings > Sales & Discounts. The revenue generated by these discount codes will be tracked in Brandbassador and commission given to the relevant ambassador. Your ambassadors will also be able to automatically generate their gift card withdrawals, so you don't have to create these gift cards manually.

If you also want to set up tracking through tracking links please complete the integration in this article and then go to this article.

Install the Shopify Plugin

Before you start make sure you are logged into the Shopify Admin of the webshop you wish to integrate and then go to integration go to > Settings > Integrations.

Click 'Add Webshop' for Shopify

Select the base currency of your webshop. If you do not find the relevant currency in the drop-down please choose USD and continue completing the integration. Then drop a message in the Live Chat with the currency you would like to change to, and we will make sure that's changed.

Enter the Shopify URL of your webshop (i.e.

Click Authorize and a pop-up will open and ask you to Install Brandbassador. Click 'Install Unlisted App' to continue.

NB: If you don't get the pop-up, make sure your pop-ups are not blocked (look for a block icon in the right of your address bar)

Woo! You should now be integrated! 🎉

Now you can test the integration by creating a gift card and discount code and placing test orders with them in your webshop.

Congratulations you have just integrated your Shopify and you ambassadors would be able to create their personalised discount codes and you will track the revenue generated through these codes. If you also want to set up tracking through tracking links please complete the integration in this article.

If you are also offering subscription payments through ReCharge and would like your ambassadors to also share discount codes to be used towards these subscriptions you need to add your ReCharge API token after you have linked your Shopify webshop(s), check how in this article.

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