Your automatic welcome message will be the first message your ambassadors receive once they are approved. This makes it the perfect place to educate your ambassadors about your ambassador programme. It is also a great place to communicate any key piece of information ALL of your ambassadors should know from the very start! 

This is your chance to convey your brand identity to your ambassadors so have some fun and put your own tone of voice on it.

You can edit your welcome message at anytime in your Settings > Ambassadors, so don't worry if you change mind!

To give you a little inspiration of what you can write for your welcome message, we've added some good examples here.


EXAMPLE 1: The Back Story Approach

Welcome as a Founding Ambassador of #Brand#. We’re excited to have you here and to help us achieve our dream; to open our first members-only beach club - and see you there!

Our club house might not exist yet, but #Brand# is nonetheless open for members either by invitation or by getting hold of our merch. Until we have an actual club house, membership offers merch deals and invites to our exclusive #Brand# parties in collaboration with existing beach clubs across the globe.

For you to become one of our first members, we have created some missions for you. Go to the #Brand# #BRANDPAGE# to get started!

Welcome to the club, looking forward to hearing from you!


EXAMPLE 2: The Personal Approach

Congrats, babe! 

Welcome to the Tribe! Get ready to start your adventure! You will be getting the chance to earn commission in cash and gift cards. You will also receive an exclusive discount code to share with friends and get access to early sales, exclusive product, and a whole network of Tribe Babes! 

We’ve created some great missions for you to get started with, which will earn you gift cards, freebies and more! We think you’ll do an amazing job, so have fun and let us know if you have any questions. 

So excited for you to be a part of the Tribe! xx

#Founder# & the #Brand# Family


EXAMPLE 3: The Straight To Point Approach

Welcome to the #Brand# Brandbassador platform- we're glad to have you on the team! 

We've created some great missions for you to get started with, which will earn you gift cards, cash, freebies and more! We think you'll do a great job, so enjoy and let us know if you have any questions. 

Note: Please be aware that an approval doesn't automatically mean you will be sent a free watch. Product is distributed when we announce a "Freebie" mission - but be ready to act fast because spots fill quickly when a Freebie Mission goes live!


EXAMPLE 4: The Charmer Approach

Welcome to the #Brand# ambassador program. We’re so happy to have you on board. [awkwardly tries to shake hands and hug at the same time]

Ready to use your charisma, unparalleled charm, and powerful influence to spread the word of our brand? Nice. You'll get awesome sweet rewards like vouchers, free stuff, or good ol’ cash.

Let's do this.


For your ambassadors, they will first receive a notification that their request to follow your brand has been approved. They will then receive your welcome message which they can access via the message centre in the top right of the ambassadors profile (click here for more details on the ambassadors profile) on the app and once opened, they will then be able to read your lovely welcome message!

Hopefully by now you have written your very own welcome message and we can't wait to read it. Have a star (⭐️), you deserve it!

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