What is a Brandbassador Invitation Link?

A Brandbassador invitation link is a URL link that is generated within your Brand Settings that you can send to any potential Ambassadors! The link will take the Ambassador to your sign up page, where they can apply to become your amabassador.

You will find your Brandbassador invitation link in Settings > Brand Details - this links takes visitors to a page branded with your brand, and anyone who signs up through this becomes your Own Ambassador.

💡When an Ambassador signs up using your Brandbassador invitation link they will be shown as an "Own Ambassador", meaning that they were invited to the app by your Brand! You can report on these ambassadors separately and see all their information, and your brand will always be showed on top for these ambassadors in the app, and they receive prioritised notifications from you.

Where Should I Share my Brandbassador Invitation Link?

You should share your invitation links anywhere you can find prospective ambassadors in your brand network or community, from Newsletters to an Instagram post. Check out some great examples and more advice in our Ultimate Guide to Building a Brand Community.

Click here to read our Ultimate Guide to Building a Brand Community.

What are Segment URLs?

Segment URLs are invitation links that will automatically place an Ambassador in the chosen segment once their application is accepted. 

Click here to learn more about Segments.

For example, if a "Customer" segment is created, a segment URL can be generated and placed in all order confirmation emails. Any Ambassadors that follow this link will automatically be placed in the "Customer" segment. 

Segment URLs are a great way to track and manage your community and ensure that you are tailoring your missions to specific audiences, and you track where your best . Ambassador's in the "Customer" segment may not need to be sent a freebie to begin generating content! 

Click here to learn how to add an Ambassador to a segment.

How Do I Create a Segment URL? 

  1. Click the "Add new segment URL" button.

2. Select the segment you would like to generate a segment URL invitation link for. 

💡If you haven't yet created the segment in your Ambassador dashboard, you can create one now by clicking on the "Create Segment" button.

3. Scroll down within the pop-up window and click "Add".

4. Your new segment URL invitation link will appear in the segment URL invitation link listing. 

5. Copy the link and share this with the Ambassadors you would like to place in this segment!

What do my Ambassadors see?

When sending your invitation links to Ambassadors, they will click through to your landing page to sign up! 

The landing page for every brand will look different dependent on your chosen text and images, however it may look something like this:

Desktop version of the landing page - 

App version of the landing page -

To find out more about how to customise your landing page, please click here!

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